30 October 2009

more patchwork purses

did a few more patchwork purses
in brown...

and in blue & purple...

wanted to sew a few more but the needle snapped. :( have to buy replacement needles.. just when i am getting in the groove of sewing.

27 October 2009

toy sewing machine

saw a mini toy sewing machine @ suntec toy fair today! struggled a bit on whether to buy or not.

i wanted it to add to my miserable collection of sewing machines (which comprise of my bernina, a medium sized toy sewing machine & a small plastic one from slyvannian family series). but i know it will simply add to the clutter in my room. ever since i started to collect kawaii note pads, fabrics, craft books and stickers, my room's been getting messier.

anyway, didnt take long for me to decide to get it. so here's it ! :D its a set! sewing machine, iron, ironing board, hangers & measuring tape.

a closer look at the stitches. on the top, it looks good
the stitches on the underside's different from actual sewing machines'. well, its a toy machine afterall. will use it for paper crafting instead and hope it works good enuff too :D

green patchwork pouch

while i was packing my room last saturday, i dug out this boxful of scrap fabrics long forgotten ... these are fabrics which couldnt bear to throw them away cuz they are decent sizes which can be use for patchwork crafts... one day...

so i spent last weekend cutting up strips of fabrics to prep for making pouches. as i am terrible at color matching, the safest thing to do would be to do patchwork of the same color scheme instead of different colors, it will be hard to go wrong, i think.

here's the first of the many - patchwork pouch in green.

20 October 2009

one tote bag, two uses

just made this! so pretty , but no idea when i will use it or if i will ever use it.

its a tote bag good for carrying A4 size papers and files around with. see the two small flaps hanging from the sides of the bag.. they are actually clips
clip them together

and the slim tote bag's transformed into a tote bag with a bigger base

this time, i added a small tag at the side that reads "handmade" . sooo pretty. it adds a nice finishing touch to the bag :D

now, for the fun part... got snowy to pose in the bag ...she's so adorable!

stuck in jam

was stuck in a traffic jam today :(( there were 2 accidents on the same stretch of road... oh what luck.. a usual stretch which would take me 5 minutes to breeze by, took half an hour instead. so took picture of the new mushroom sharpener which i just got. here's the best shot i got in the car - clear subject, blurry background .

handmade cardholders

made these last weekend. din know what to do other but i just know that i wanted to do something... have to get the sewing momentum going ..

14 October 2009

clothes in mail!

bought these online from sashavintage a few weeks back. she has this lovely blog which sells pre-loved clothes and she stays in malaysia. the troublesome thing about buying is that i would need to post her cash (cant transfer to her bank directly due to different currency) which takes about 1 week, and then she needs to post the items to me which takes another 1 week.. its a long wait.. but good wait :D

anyway, its here! 2 dresses and 1 top ! :D its always fun to receive items in snail mail rather than bills bills and more bills.

cold air finally

air con hasnt been working for the past few weeks. on good days, it will blow cold air (even cold air is not cold enough for me), on normal days, it just blowing air. has been tolerating hoping that it will turn for the better... against all foolish hopes.

finally, enough is enough, got a new one yesterday! awww.. air's so cool once again :D
off goes the old aircon. my room used to be painted in blue color...

the new aircon in progress...
new aircon up and running! its a toshiba! supposed to be energy saving, according to the aircon man.

12 October 2009

food shouldnt be pink in color

ms lak mentioned that pringles new flavor - grilled shrimp tastes good.. so good that she can finish the whole can in one sitting (or so i exaggerate). anyway... if its reali so yummy, i have to try it too so i got a can for myself.

love the packaging color in peachy pink color.. so sweet.. but when i saw the chips.. in pink too... errm... a bit turned off .. food shdnt be in pink color.. food in pink color such as eggs for one month baby celebrations, kuehs/pastries dont whet my appetite.

couldnt bring myself to try it in the end. gave it to tyre who finished it all even tho he said it tasted fishy. he's a sucker for all types of chips anyway :D

tyre shops for me

tyre went korea recently for work and found time to do some shopping for me. since its unlikely i will go korea with him in the near , middle , long future to buy my own korea stuffs (as he has expressed no desire to go there for vacations since he associates korea with work), i had to settle for stuffs which he will buy on my behalf? so i set out a shopping list for him - dresses and kawaii stuffs... not that tough right?

here's what he got for me

4 dresses , out of which i only took picture for 2. i wore the 3rd one the very next day to mr vong's birthday lunch @ riders cafe. as the the 4th one, its in green and brown checkered which is really not my style.. so.. he got 3 out of 4 choices .. goodies! :D

kawaii stationery! the hot dog note pad's special cuz its really longggg but i really like the bus one the best.

flip open the bus.... its sticky notepad! one of the design writes "gorgeous" .that's what tyre thinks of me :DDD hahaha darn thick skinned.. :D

kawaii washing pegs

stumbled upon this during my last trip to Daiso... the lady who was in the queue in front of me bought a dozen of these cuties. i had to get some for myself too. Contemplated asking her where to find it but somehow just too shy to ask a stranger so i spent the next 5 minutes searching for it ... finally saw it as the laundry section amongst the clutter. had to look pretty thoroughly else its easy to miss out on it.

it comes in different colors and animal prints of bear, panda or frog. did not get the frog though cuz dun like frogs.

09 October 2009

premier just got better

finally, tissue company comes up with a design with i adore... hello kitty tissue boxes! i hear they are limited edition limited quantities. its so cute i just wanna hoard lots of them.. only glitch is that i dun use tissue from boxes, i use tissue packs. guess i have to switch from now on.
it looks so pretty on my small table :D

07 October 2009

wide lens camera - Pink Dress

present from haw & kk! pretty pink no frills camera using film instead of digital and the packaging's pretty - with my fave russian doll! had saw this before but cant bear to spend money on it .. but to receive it as a gift, its fantastic! :D

according to the description - " Surprisingly vivid colors! ... camera geeks will be speechless!" " Charming pictures, lovely vignetting effect" "Its all made of plastic ... as tiny and light as it gets!"
(took these pictures at night using my trusty old digital camera, pictures turned out lousy but still posting it anyway)

wahh.... cant wait to use it. will try it over the weekend during brunch and will snap some pics of my doggies! :D and here's a picture of snowy first ... bro snapped a picture randomly and she soooooo cute :))) makes me wanna cuddle her!

04 October 2009

handmade metal clasps pouches

always love these clasps frame purses, bags. guess its because it easier to use compared to zippers. i use zippered pouches to keep my make up but i often forget to zip it up after use and that means messy bag with make up items scattered all over. yeah... haw loves to rummage my bag and to tidy it :P
so, i went to etsy to check out the market prices for these clasps bag - ranges from US$16 to US$75 depending on size. see some of those below:
anyway, i got a couple of those metal frames during my taipei trip and spent the past week crafting it. and once again, sooo happy with the end results. well, 3 of them are reserved and wanted to sell the remaining ones on etsy initially but changed my mind - i am going to give it to other frens :D

Going to give the bigger ones to kay, lak and lynn (travel mates for taiwan trip) - had promised to make them a bag sort of like a souveneir for the trip and to thank them for spending some time with me in taipei at my fave fabric building :DD

these are sooooo pretty. i get soooo happy looking at it!! am going to pack them tomorrow night (hopefully) and send them all off to their new owners :D

cheque book holder

nowadays, i carry the cheque books around as i never know when i need to write a cheque and so need to be ready for it at all times. being the messy person i am, i usually throw it into my bag or chuck it in between papers so that it doesnt crumple. fortunately, after months of doing that, my cheque books always remain fresh and uncrumpled. but back in my mind, i have always been thinking of sewing a pouch, yet never got around to doing it because of those ongoing projects.

found time to do it about 2 weeks back, using fabrics which i got during my taipei trip couple of weeks back (wanted to blog about the trip but too lazy to do it, plus ms lak blogged about it already - check out http://jellbellfrhell.blogspot.com/2009/09/taiwan-highlights.html)
so here's a picture of the end project. its so pretty and i am so happy with it. had tried to do another one using the same template to give away to fren but it turned out horrible. too bad.

miracle cream to the rescue?!

i have very dark eye circles and its getting worse as i get older :( the late nights are showing visibly on my face!!! good thing i wear specs which covers the dark eye cirles :((( . Had been eyeing this cream for the longest time but couldnt bear to buy it... its way too expensive.

The catchy description that attracts me - "formulated to reduce the apperance of SERIOUS DARK EYE CIRCLES... " and also read many rave reviews from forumers (tho some claims its more marketing gimmick)

anyway, mummy got this for me ... it was the description that caught her attention too (i have not told her abt this before) ... wah.. mummy dearest reads my mind :D

have used it for 1 week already... no visible difference yet... and keeping fingers crossed!!

bling bling

havent been updating my blog for ages. have been busy for ages with the new projects which i took on and had kept me darn busy for the longest time... thankfully, one's down, another one to go. so finally after months, i have some time to go back to crafting.

sewing's pretty time consuming so did a quick craft to bling my calculator! cut and stick , cut and stick.. pretty isnt it :P