23 August 2010

New bendy designs

Same shape, different style. Used to do then in a single piece of design/fabric for the shoppe but guessed pple must be tired of seeing the same style always. So, this time, will do up the bendys in matchy fabrics complete with laces for a nice feminine touch! Hope i can rush out some in time for Ms G's fair starting this friday @ liang court.

I like "The Young Victoria"

Always have a soft spot for those movies of kings & queens, duke and duchess type of era. So borrowed this movie "The Young Victoria" to watch last nite and i love love love it! Its a relatively easy plot to follow and based roughly on the life of Queen Victoria - queen of great britian , the longest reigning britsh monarch. A synopsis - "A dramatization of the turbulent first years of Queen Victoria's rule and her enduring romance with prince albert".

Catch it if you like such shows too. I also like "The Other Bolyen Girl" , "The Duchess" and the likes of these type of shows.

18 August 2010

Boosting readership!

This post will boost readership @ my blog! I think WE believe so. We being me, kay and lak. Hahaha. A couple of weeks back, we were invited to kay's place for dinner - sort of a pre-kay's birthday celebration dinner where she cooked for us again :D
As usual, after dinner, we got around to doing our own stuffs - me preparing template for sewing my own dress, lak surfing the net and kay hanging ard. Lak was surfing for those blogshops featuring pretty girls modelling their own clothes. Anyway, then somehow then we talked about my blog and how to boost readership @ my blog... and we concluded cuz there's no interesting pictures and i am quite reluctant to post my face... dun wanna scare readers away la. but very often, THE blogger's face shd be in it in order for readers to relate to her...

Anyway, we got excited when lak showed us some of her frequently visited blogs featuring pretty girls with exciting life of shopping, drinks, cool crowd etc. And we decided to do the same! We then started taking pictures of ourselves in 'cool' poses, using whatever props we can equip ourselves with.The fun lasted about 2 hours and the other halves all thought we were mad with all the posing and weird props - lucky they were keeping themselves occupied with games while tyre was sleeping in his blue room as usual :D
Here goes! Pictures to boost readership! Enjoy!
This is the first set of pictures which kay & lak took ... sort of like a warming up thing.
Then we started getting excited . I edited this picture a bit and our skins turned out yellowish. Dunno how to re-do the edits so here's it
we saw this pose on one of the blogs and decided to recreate it. one of us deliberately created a puffy hair look just so its not so normal.
Then we decided to play around with ribbons and flowers. We have seen pple used ribbons as hair accesories so we tried it out too. Not bad i think.
I think this is cute with us labelling ourselves. Tho, i do think its meant more to mock ourselves :P .. kay = elegant? me = pretty? lak = sassy? errrr.... *awkard silence*.. well lak can be quite sassy at times tho.
That about concludes our photosession. We tried to relived it again for the next two weeks but somehow, good things happen when its unplanned. When u try to plan for it, it never seemed to happen.
Hope to see a huge spike in readership! :PPP

kawaii zippies!

Custom order! Audrey's fren, Georgina, ordered 10 zippy pouches She intends to give it to her daughter's teachers for the upcoming Teachers' Day on 1 September. She gave me a free reign on what i wanna sew/match - only specification she gave was that she wanted a standing pouch with a rectangle base.

So, since i tot its a kid's gift to her teachers, it has to be cute and colorful. Here they are - all 10 of them!

16 August 2010

getting specky with bendy specs pouch

getting specky's the trend nowadays it seemed. those nerdy black plastic ones are the perfect ones. its funny i think - i really hate wearing specs and yet there are ppl out there embracing specs as a fashion statement.
anyway, i remember my specky days. i had developed an allergic reaction to contact lens and could only wear specs. those days, my 'fashion pieces' are my specs - have them in loud colors like purple, red ... nothing boring. i even have a 'blind man' style sunglasses which i insist on wearing despite it looking really bad cuz its the only pair of blackies with prescribed lens. after i did my lasik, i dun need to carry specs ard anymore and have since thrown away all my specs cases and specs (only left one for memory sake). i do hope for the longest time in future, i will not wear any more specs. but if i do wear specs, it has to be cuz it makes me pretty but not cuz i need to.

anyway, mummy was always using this very very old grey specs pouch for the longest time like years and years - she use it to house her sunglasses or 'lao hua' specs. she really likes that cuz its light, not bulky and easy to use. she said she cant find a new one anymore cuz specs shops nowadays do not give out such pouches. they give away zippered 'pencil case' like spec cases or those hard cases nowadays. those hard cases are good cuz it protects the specs from getting squashed but pretty impractical to carrry around.

so, this weekend, i crafted a new one for her (slighted padded for protection) :D now she has a new pretty ballerina prints bendy specs pouch! :D
it fits a pair of sunnies perfectly! :D
and here's a picture of the old versu new bendy pouch.

tyre the cook

last weekend, out of boredom over the long weekend, we decided to cook our own dinner and i suggested luncheon meat alio olio - since Mr V cooked it for us once and we loved it. it seemed relatively simple.

so we dragged ourselves out of bed, went for a quick grocery shopping trip and came back home to start cooking. tyre did most of the chopping, dicing, frying which i supervised! har har. anyway, i think he has been watching too much cooking shows and he tried to toss and turn the ingredients up in the air many many times. at some point in time, suparni wanted to take over and helped cooked but we firmly said no. i think she was slightly offended cuz she then promptly brought the doggies out for a walk leaving us the whole kitchen to ourselves. unknown to her, we were actually happy that she left us alone to 'play' cooking. :D

and here's it.spam luncheon meat alio olio with campbell's cream of mushroom soup.
when its ready, picture taken, we tucked into our food greedily. after taking a few mouthfuls, tyre commented that Mr V's version taste nicer! har har. and we concluded (with confirmation from Lak) that we have added too little oil and no salt, which is a likely explaination of the bland taste.
think we will try pasta in tomato paste next time.

15 August 2010

blotched attempts @ sewing

i finally attempted to make my own clothes! not once but twice. as the saying goes, once bitten, twice shy. i think i am going to lay off sewing clothes for quite some time.

here's the first one. i saw this pattern in one of the books and loved the way it looked on the model. the instructions seemed pretty easy enough to follow - simple round collar with cap sleeves. here's the end product -
its like a baby doll dress and it looks pretty ok on picture. i just need to accessorise it abit with buttons or lace perhaps then its pretty. but its way too big for me. har har. i've got the measurements wrong ! :P
and this is my second HORRENDOUS one. its so ugly i cringe looking @ it. its supposed to be a simple drawstring skirt with 2 front pockets. but everything turned out so wrong. i had an negative inkling that it would turned out bad cuz the dirty green color fabric's really not my type plus the big pockets. dirty green with bright orange. omg! it simply screams ugly ugly ugly. but being a freshie @ sewing clothes, i decided to just follow the template blindly using whatever ugly fabrics i have on hand. and oh, how blind i am for its really U.G.L.Y!! the pockets are supposed to be worn in the front but in the picture, i worn it at the back in hope of making it lo0k better. sigh... my 4+ hours effort gone down the drain.

when i do try to sew my own clothes again in future, i will try out the first one again, this time, in the correct measurements with pretty fabric.

05 August 2010

bag charms that come with bag charms

decided to try something new - hence these bag charms... literally bag charms cuz its mini tote bag . tot it may look too plain so further added bag charms for these bag charms. and the end results? seriously PRETTY! intend to turn them in bag charms in the near future. but for now, just pictures of the mini tote bag with bag charms (hmmm.. quite a mouthful).

this is my favorite one! the whole combination came out super pretty! from the small flowers print with linen cloth, to the mini pocket to hold the mini gold scissors and the gold chain which blends in perfectly with the whole combi. i drool...

and since i love newsprints fabric, i had to make one using tat. added pockets at the bottom complete with mini white button. And for bag charm, i added a mini bicycle.. seems to fit the whole theme.. of lesiurely holiday in paris & NY :D

somehow, this comes across very japanese zakka like from the brownish tones with cotton lace and dog&bone bag charm.

this is very girly in pink mini tote bag. feels very candy like .

kk's first crafting lesson

took quite alot of pictures during the crafting lesson with kk and had wanted to sort them out nicely with labels etc before posting. but then again, got a bit lazy so decided to do photo collage :D
it was a fun session for both of us. for me, its more the catching up with an dear old fren and chance to be more aware of crafting. 'they' say when u teach, u learn something new and enforce your skills further. and for her, its the ability to create pretty stuffs and conquering the 'scary' sewing machine (or at least that's what i think if i am in her shoes). anyway, kk's so into this sewing thing that she went to arm herself with lots of fresh fabrics and crafting tools over last weekend - in preparation of our next lesson together :D
here's pictures of her hard at work and taking time out occassionally to pose for the camera.
and here are the finished products! 2 round bendy frame pouches! sooo pretty. i like the flower prints one. (once again, bad lighting and bad photography skills makes the pouches looks less pretty. i must really pick up photoshop some time in near future)