05 January 2010

fabric covered magnets

made these last nite for lucky lak's new place! hope she likes it (it dont really fit her decor but its kawaii no? :P )
she has a lovely place of her own finally after staying in rented rooms for years and years. And we have been shamelessly visiting her place for xmas party, for new year eve party and for board games - Cluedo! and i am so addicted to Cluedo! Am so looking forward to the next Cluedo session.

02 January 2010

down memory lane to ubin

took a day off to laze around with tyre since he's on leave. he said since he's on leave, we should do touristy stuffs and so suggested going to ubin. its been ages since we went to ubin. the last we went was 3 yrs ago and we stayed at the ubin chalet for 2D1N ( i termed it "lizard dungeon" thereafter cuz its full of lizards :( )
so here goes... we first went to adam road hawker for the famous nasi lemak. we took the royal rumble set for $4.50. yum yum. i liked the long grain coconut rice while tyre liked the chicken wings (no surprise here).

after a heavy brunch, i was quietly hoping that tyre will change his plans to go back to sleep but to my surprise, he drove all the way to changi ferry... to ubin ! before boarding the boat for ubin, i had to insist on getting a poncho first cuz the weather looks gloomy and tyre had to grudgingly do find one for me (did not rain in the end tho)
on our way to ubin on a bumboat
arriving at ubin after a five minutes boat ride...
ubin's a relative small island's which is easy to cycle around. nothing's seem to change since we last came here 3 years ago..we rented the bikes for $5 per day.. cheap cheap.

ubin's has quite a few abandoned quarrys and this is one of them.. i think its called tianchi quarry or something like tat. i remembered jumping into one of these during my JC days - it was one of those adventure programs which we had to go through.
this drink stall has been around since my JC days...the same board, the same words.

nice colorful buidling at the 'city centre' which is made up of less than 20 shops at most.
the lizard dungeon chalet which we used to stay in ... the units are constructed from metal containers
and we ended our 2 hour trip tp ubin with fried sotongs, spring rolls and beer! yum.. it has to be the best part of the trip :D
the end! :D


haw and kk invited us over to their place for steamboat on xmas day. yummy foodies await us...it doesnt look like alot for 4 of us but we were very very full at the end of the meal!
they didnt have the steamboat device at home so i brought along mine with dual use - for soup and pan-frying.

and haw bought champagne and tyre was given the honor of popping it ... she said that tyre had to practice for next year. easy peasy for him la.... :)

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