29 December 2009

world's best fruits!

hahah... in my opinion :D

have eaten at this fruit stall a couple of times already. my bro first intro it to us. the good thing abt this place is that it opens at night only when all the other stalls are closed. its a pretty popular place with freshly cut fruits (meaning they only cut when you order) plus potent healthy fruit drinks. i dont realli like fruits but i love to eat fruits from this stall ! :D

27 December 2009

perfect eyesight!

Yes! i have finally done it after years of thinking thinking thinking. i went for lasik surgery and have PERFECT EYESIGHT now!!! yay!!! bye bye spectacles!

(these are the specs i will be donating but i am keeping one for remembrance)

so what's the THING that finally made me do lasik? it has to be that series of pictures taken at taiwan.... *shudder* that dated eighties look of mine with specs... (i think its not totally due to the specs la... apart from the specs, it was that super round face and clothes which i wore that gave that eighties feel)

anyway, finally made up my mind to do it! it also helped tremendously that i had Haw to join me on this 'adventure'. a partner in crime helps bolster my courage.

rather than going to those commercial lasik clinics such as Shinagawa Lasik or The Lasik Clinic, we went to Parkway Eye Center as Haw's fren did her's there and recommended it to us. its always better to go with recommendations. Furthermore, the resident surgeon, Dr Lee Hung Ming, has a excellent track record and many accolades. You can read up more about him and the clinic at http://www.parkwayeyecentre.com/about.html

the experience? the staff were very friendly and the doctor's super smiley and friendly too. he has an assuring presence which it important.

we went down for eye assessment which took about an hour. Results of the assessment were out on the same day - we are certified good candidates for lasik !!! My corneal was thick enough plus pupil size small.. all good :D Then we had to fixed our surgery date. Sadly mine and haw's are different dates due to our schedules. I went ahead to do it first.

on the day of the surgery, i was so excited, so looking forward to perfect eyesight. first they re-tested the eye , then took me to a room where they put eye drops, gave me pain killers (as it would be painful post surgery after anaesthetics wear off) and sleeping pills. next, i am brought to another room where they cleanse my eye area and then off to THE SURGEry Room where i was greeted by smiley dr lee. It was a clean white bright cold room devoid of emotions. Anyway, without going into details, the surgery was painless and over in less than 10 minutes i guess.

post surgery, things appear hazy for the first two days and gradualy clear up. After a week, the doctor said my eye's healing well and i have perfect eyesight!


snack of the moment

Bought this from muji - japanese red bean pancakes. Personally, i am not a fan of snacks but tyre is so got this to stock up on my snack drawer at home. Even went back to get another for dad who snacks too, especially at night.

I like that its individually packed and bite sized. plus it not too expenses at $2.90 for 8 pieces. Taste-wise, quite good though a bit too sweet.

cath kidson thank you box

lately, haw brought me to kino to buy magazines - magazines which comes with freebies such as bags, pouches.

when i saw this, i knew i had to get it - Cath Kidson Thank You box. Its a magazine featuring all their products for this season plus a free big cath kidson bag! all for the price of less than SGD25!!!! there's no way i can get cath kidson stuffies for less than $25 - her stuffs are so pretty and girly and pricey :(

anyway, just for fun , i took snap shots of the magazines to post here. enjoy!

bendy pouches galore

back to crafting. haven solved the sewing machine problem yet ... do not know how to troubleshoot it and too lazy to bring it back to the agent to repair, so just make do with the ugly stitches for now.
i cant craft pouches with zippers at the moment due to the stitching problem but with bendy pouches, its ok cuz the stitches can be hidden. here's some of them...

Ring of butterflies.

Got this online from pietstatting.blogspot.com recently and it arrived in my mail! the creator's actually my fren's mum who has a pair of crafty hands. i remember rummaging through her bookshelf of craft books when i was younger and had fun looking through her books, especially those on paper crafts like folding boxes. but her fave craft has to be tatting - which requires lots of eye power and patience (its somewhat like crochet but it uses a finer thread). i never had tat kind of patience to do it.

here's what i got from her blog...

24 December 2009

random doggies pic

no reason for posting this but my doggies are soooo cute!