08 March 2010

shopping @ belle maison

dropped by geraldine's fair last weekend and got these. she really have such pretty stuffs its tough to resist. i have a drawer full of stuffs bought from her fairs now .. waiting for the right time to use :D
these heart shaped measuring spoons will come in handy for my future baking projects
a closer look at the handles - such pretty phrases
and this mini sewing machine set is my fave! i have been looking for something useless but pretty for a very long long time!

darlings in baby clothes

dressed my darling girls up in baby clothes. its too bright out there and they were squinting. so cute :D

card for mummy

mummy was digging through her drawers last weekend and she found this card which i made longgg time back.
some of the very innocent gulible stuffs i wrote amuses me :D
taking panadol will make you feel younger? like a drug??
the earrings have rusted already.. no way any sane person will wear it now just to feel younger.

do you feel wiser and clever now that i have shared the secret message with you?
and lastly! wah.. $1billion !!!!

fabric covered hangers

made lots of fabric covered hangers cuz they were fun to do.

so it went from this

to this
showed them to suparni and she said it was good cuz (1) normal metal hangers rust after some time, so wrapping them in cloth prevents it from showing up (2) it becomes non-slip and clothes stay 'hanged' better

back to belle maison

about a week ago, i blogged about finding my stuffs at belle maison so i was soo happy to know that all my bendy pouches have been snapped up :D

it gives me great thrill to see the word 'sold' plastered all over :D yay!! thanks geraldine!

baby garage sale + fundraising

its over!! the past 1 week has been busy - 1 week + of hardwork & hoarding & messiness, its over! and thanks to frens joanne, wilson, haw, kk, weihua, kaywei, lak , vinwee, tyre, mummy, daddy and all those who came down to support :D thank you thank you. it wouldnt have been possible without their help some way or the other .
i just have to blog about how this crazy idea came about ... so that next time such crazy idea came up again, i had better think twice :P here goes...
saw tons of pretty, gorgeous baby clothes and decided to 'strike a deal' to sell off the clothes rather than to let it go to waste - make some $ and get to share these pretty stuffs with frens at cheap prices. surely at $5,these brand new stuffs are going to be a sure hit! and so the idea became an action.

it started with us going down to sort out the good from the bad from the moutain of clothes which took 2 days (lucky pregant joanne & her helper rosie were helping in that big dusty hot room without electricity) , to moving truckload of clothes to my place (thanks to dad's helper) , to sorting them out over the next few days (thanks to haw, tyre, weihua, kaywei, lak and vinwee) , to creating awareness by word of mouth (we wanted a 'frens only' event) and to setting up the place for the actual day!

i must admit there were times i got a bit of cold feet and question myself .. am i crazy to do this? it all these worth it? what if no body turned up for the event? doubts doubts and more doubts. but luckily tyre, my supportive parents and frens helped assured me to stick to the end.

at the end of it all, seeing the happy faces and pple who carried off bagfuls of 'treasures' at merely a faction of price plus all the fun we all had, its all worth it ! of course it helped we made a bit of $ plus get to donate to charity. also, joanned got lobang to match $ for $ donation to happyhearts.sg so its all for a good cause! win-win situation for all! :D
here are some pictures of the event !
younger bro helped designed this poster.

the entire stash of clothes - there we few thousand pieces i bet.

that's haw who created posters on the day itself. she even took effort to make it colorful.
"we will match $ for $ to happyhearts.com"

the best , most hardworking, most dependable, most know it all helper for the day! mr vong!
me and haw's mum (her mum does wonderful tatting) also peddled our own handmade stuffs. i made these fabric covered hangers thinking they will be a sure hit..turned out, the pouches, the scrunchies and key pouch cozies are mroe popular!

helpers crowding around to pose for the camera :P
all helpers crowd around for group picture @ the end of it all in our signature "good sign" pose
and we all went for a rewarding, satisfying meal of lobster porridge, steven chicken etc etc.

03 March 2010

find me at belle maison

U can now find my crafts at Belle_Maison. The owner, Geraldine, sells super pretty stuffs and I have been stocking up for my new house (which is like ages more to go). She takes such pretty pictures of my stuffs with flowery description!!! :D i like :D

Go ahead and visit her online shop or catch her at her occasional fairs. You may just find something pretty for yourself too :P (ps: she's having a fair at Jelita from 1mar to 7mar)