30 November 2008

stack of colorful patchwork zippies

made these over the weekend! had fun doing them but now, my neck's aching from tolling over the table for long hours :D plus the saturday mid day tedious jog i had with frens, i am aching all over but happyyyyy !! :D

i love russians dolls!

got this in moscow few years back - there's papa, mama, son, cat & chicky - very prettyyyy! :D

26 November 2008

owls go hoot hoot pouch

hand-quilted this pouch & spent considerable time on it only to fail ... it turned out.. yucky! everything just seems so mismatched! yucks yucks!

with love from hk

i love mail, especially so when i return from overseas, i would take some time to tear open all my mails. And to receive presents via mail makes it even more fun! thanks eman sister! :D

Shanghai again!

back from shangahi.. my 2nd trip there this year. this time, mummy's friends were there too.. for about a week and i joined them for all days for shopping, eating, sightseeing etc etc. it was pretty interesting hanging out with the aunties - all 8 of them. one of the aunties bought things like its free - she's almost sure to get at least 1 item from every shop she visits. anyway, here are some of the pictures.

we took a day trip to Hangzhou.. about 1 hour train ride away.I had visited Hangzhou like 10+ yrs ago and all i could recall was taking tat dirty old train. this time, its different, the train's nice, clean and modern and the place's pretty commercialised. Below's a group shot with all mummy's frens.

it was pretty cold tat day (prob about 10degrees) but lots of couples are out in full force taking their wedding pictures - there were more than 5 couples taking pictures ard the west lake. it was freezing cold for me (being dressed in layers of clothings) and yet, the couples were dressed sparingly. the power of love i guesss.hahaha

dad did this lifelike clay model for RMB150 (S$30+ equivalent). The guy's really talented, he was able to mould it from scratch within 15 minutes.

and Shanghai's very own factory outlet!!! reminds me for the premium factory outlet at gotemba japan.

09 November 2008

weekend trip to batu pahat

went to batu pahat, malaysia with parents over the weekend. they were there to attend a wedding dinner, and i was there to keep them company together with bro. its been years since i went there. when i was younger, we used to go at least once a year during chinese new year as some of our relatives stay there - it was always fun as we could play fireworks. it was good to go back, brought back memories and was a refreshing change.

my all-time favorite mee hoon kway stall. a must go when in batu pahat. its a small roadside stall and err.... not too sanitary... but the food tastes great and cheap - RM3 for a bowl.

the house where we used to go to every year - everything is still the same after all these years from the interior, to the furniture and the popular mahjong area . its just opposite the mee hoon kway stall.
took a trip to the local wet market

one of the many unslightly drains ard in batu pahat...
and as usual, i cant resist it - had to indulge in my book hoarding hobby! bought a few :D

04 November 2008

chengcheng birthday party

tea's kid chengcheng's TWO! first time i attended a party with so many kids... felt like i couldnt blend in.. hahahah. anyway, here are some pictures from his birthday party.

the happy family of three
the foodies

the birthday boy playing the 'pinada' (dunno how to spell) but basically you hit that odd shape thingy countless times till it disintegrates and toys would fall out.

the presents! love the red rocking horse that haw got for him prettily wrapped with ribbon.
and here's haw & kk trying to blend in with the kids with their temporary tatoos


inspired by ciyou @ http://www.ciyoucolorscity.blogspot.com/ with her pretty stamp carvings, i decided to try some. here's sample of my first tries - instead of carving it on the table, i stupidly carve it on my leg and accidentally cut myself. lucky its only a small cut. pretty pretty - i am going to do more of these when i go to shanghai next week :D