21 June 2008

from the vongs to tyre

the vongs got a gift for tyre!
who would have thought that it would be a mattress? they say that its not just any simple mattress but a Branded Seahorse mattress :D
only the vongs can think of such special presents! :D
the vongs, if you are reading this, thank you!!! he loves it! even my mummy wans one now too! can she?

19 June 2008

one zip pouch

bought this fun zippered pouch last night. it aint the prettiest thing but it's sure fun to zip around with.

from an ordinary zipper...

to a zippered pouch. in just a zip! :D

memo boards

finally got around to doing these up for my friends. hope they like it. :D

the green one's a floral theme
the brown one's just cute
the pink one's matryoshka theme

18 June 2008

tyre's toy

he couldnt help grinning and smiling the whole time he was driving last night. our conversation went like that:

y: guess what's it?
t: i dont know
y: dont care, just make a guess
t: a carton box of tennis balls
*yiwan gives incredulous look*
y: u really reallly really think its tennis balls?
t: yes
y: what if you tell lies?
t: then cut off #$&*%# (that part of his words have to be censored)

i am amazed! it doesnt take alot to keep him happy - just cans and cans of tennis balls would do!

17 June 2008

nail it!

i've been thinking of getting these for the longest time and finally, i did! i am going to turn these nails into pretty lotus pink color (that what it says on the spray can) and nail it!

16 June 2008

i love mail!

these came prettily packed by mail on friday! i got them from ebay! 6 pretty craft books! i love those from Cotton&Paint especially. too bad i cant get it from singapore :(

13 June 2008

patchwork books

i would love to sew some of these projects but the only thing stopping me (as usual) is my bad sense of matching fabrics. rather than to face the dissapointment of crafting a horrendous piece of art, i prefer to just look and the pictures and feel happy! here are some of the pictures

the most interesting item at your workstation?

what's the most interesting item you have on your table?

for me its the fermented tea! left this jug of tea on my table for about 3 weeks already, and the surface's getting mouldy and still i refuse to get rid of it because i do not want to wash it. i am leaving it behind as my legacy to the successor :O

for mr M., it has to be this fengshui thingy. its actualy a bowl filled with sale and 6 gold $1 coins. he's been 'growing' it for almost 2 years. according to the fengshui master, the more the salt crystal accumulates around the bowl, the better it is for you.

for ms D, she has a shoe rack under her table for her shoes and a flower pot?

and for daph, her desk's perpetualy filled with paper, paper and paper everywhere!

half eaten

what does this look like? :D
a half eaten corn! what you thinking of ? :P


Just early this year during a CNY celebration at the O's house, we took a FE Family picture - the current FE staff and ex FE staff.

6 months down the road, the picture has turned into an FE Alumni picture! Where all the ex-FE staff gather together! The last 3 survivors have abandoned the ship!

09 June 2008

moving on

i finally quit
needed a break

spend some time
indulging in my hobby
and looking for greener pastures

i am going to miss this geylang place
which i call home for the past good five years

countdown starts!

i drool...

i have been thinking of buying this for months and months and finally, i made up my mind! i am getting it ! heck the price! Bernina Activa 220 here i come! i finally ordered it today and by end of this month, i shd be a proud owner of my very own Bernina sewing machine (some say its the rolls royce of sewing machines!)

donations anyone to help offset the cost of the machine? a cool S$1,600!

01 June 2008

an early celebration

went to DOZO for dinner early this week - its supposedly a fanciful japanese style place serving 7 course meal at river valley. its pretty expensive so in order to make it more worth while, we conjured up an excuse to celebrate dad & mom's wedding anniversary in advance :D its written 35 years but they cant exactly remember how many years it was.

the very thoughtful waiter prepared this freebie for us! and a free glass jug as present... this made the expensive dinner more worth the price :D

(btw, they serve the yummiest chocolate cake - the liquid chocolate was oozing out of the cake. yummy!)

let there be light!

tyre only has 2 lights in his room - the ceiling light and a small table lamp in yellow light. totally not conducive of studying nor reading. the yellow light makes him wanna sleep so rather than wait for him to buy one for himself, got one simple one from him! let there be bright light to keep him from sleeping and from worsening eyesight.

my first little blue box

from shoutmatey!!!!!! :D a pretty teardrop shaped pendant and necklace in a pretty blue box!!!!! :D cant bear to wear it yet.