10 September 2008

birthday presents from the Vongs

tyre & my birthday falls in the same month and in view of the forthcoming japan trip, the vongs got us something very useful :D
here's kay giving tyre's present! they took effort to wrap it up in boring plain brown paper.
its a chio nice looking 40liter backpack - good for using in japan and it comes with wheels to drag if its too heavy to carry. if you wanna get one too, go Queensway Shopping Center, 'they' say there's a wide selection there.

and here's my present, wrapped in brown paper too.
its a sling bag - perfect for travelling in pretty tiffany blue color. i had wanted to buy this same bag few months ago but a certain fren told me not to get it now but get it in japan. anyway, to cut the long story short, now, i have got it as a present! :D no need to buy it anymore! :D
and the best thing - the vongs got 1 of each for themselves too! this means mr vong & tyre will each carry the same backpack in different color and ms wong & me will each carry the same sling bag in different color. we are going to be the most matching couples going on 'double date'. we just need to be color coordinated during the trip and it will be perfect! ahhahhaahha

More candies from HK - more disappointment

The packaging for this sushi candy's very kawaii - make sushi candies. Looks attractive but was dissappointed with the actual product - the candies were too sticky and not so kawaii after all.

Was attracted by its pretty packaging - had imagined that the candies would be in the shape of ice cream cones in pretty colors. once again, dissapointed to see that its all brown brown in color

07 September 2008

Shopping @ HK Disneyland

dont really fancy mickey nor disney stuffs but its really tempting to just pick up a few stuffs from the huge variety of disney merchandises. we bought like 2 tshirts & 3 mugs - crazy!

inside the store - water bottles, dolls, stickers, key chains, caps, t-shirts and many more.

fren, haw, likes (or used to like) characters from toy story - so here's all about toy story

huge variety of t-shirt designs
disney mooncakes on sale too!

05 September 2008

half day trip to Lantau Island

my first time to lantau island after numerous trips to HK. a half day including shopping and dim sum would be sufficient as there aint much to see or do there.

we started with dim sum at the convention center in HK at Central. It gets really crowded by nooon so we went earlier. its dim sum on push carts!
after lunch, we headed for Lantau Island. Cousin said in the past, you need to take a ferry in order to get there, nowadays, the train gets us there in half an hour! take the train from Central Station to Tung Chung Station . From there, you could either take (1) cable car (2) bus or (3) taxi to the famous buddha statue. We took the Ngong Ping Cable Car cuz its the most scenic & fastest (abt 20 minutes). Sea, hills, buildings, fishing village, airport, small waterfall & the Buddha from afar!

cable car stopped at ngong pin village - a man made attraction - boring.
and a short walk away, the famous Buddha statue - the biggest steel one in asia i think.
then we took abt 20 minutes bus ride to Tai O. According to mummy, this place's frequently featured on travel shows & drama serials. its a nice quaint place but nothing much to do other than snap a few pictures and buy dried seafood (if tat's what you like), else i dont think its really worth the trip there - we stayed only 10 minutes max.
and we ended the tour with shopping at the shopping outlet @ Tung Chung mtr station - outlet for stuffs like nike, addidas, body shop, crabtree&evelyn, polo ralph, bally, burberry, levis,A/X, samsonite, folie folie, kate spade. prices generally 30-50% off the last few seasons stuffs. i got a bag there - i have been eyeing it since last year already!
ok, that's all for this entry! :D

04 September 2008

kawaii candy

saw this in okashi land in hk . okashi land's a snack shop full of kawaii snacks and there are lots of branches ard in hk.
had earlier bought 1 pack already but left it on the table and forgot to bring it home. but the packaging was so pretty and it seemed fun enough that i had to buy another one to try it out - it costs about S$3 each.
basically, pour the blue powder into the tray filled with water and soon it will become gelatine-like, then put the gummy fishes into the tray - and you will have fish swimming in the water. to eat the fishes, use the wafer to catch it and pop it into your mouth.
its a fun snack but tastes horrible! urgghh... waste of money! so disappointing :( but never mind, i have bought a few other kawaii snacks. will post more pictures of them when i open them

02 September 2008


back from macau with my family and i am now in my comfy cousin's place in hk :D where all 4 of us are busy toodling with our own laptops - all in the living room (me, my 2 bros & emeng). there aint nothing much to do in macau other than eat & gamble. we figured a day trip would be enough the next time.
we stayed in venetian macau for a night where my family of 5 squeezed into a room (compliments from cousin emeng ! thanks!). compared to the some of the hotels in macau, its a steal considering that we could comfortably fit all of us into the room - its a suite with 2 queen sized beds.

this time, other than playing at venetian, we went to check out some other casinos - wynn, sands, mgm. and i 'deposited' monies at each of the casino we went. yes, i lost monies.. :( and as a consolation prize, i had to grab some of the water bottles they were giving out to patrons free! surely i am entitlted to a few since i 'donated' some monies :D
And here's a picture of the famous must go place for sightseeing in macau - basically, a ruined wall.
and other than gamble, we had foodies. there's this restuarant which we went for dinner on both nights - its good and cheap food, we like :D cant remember the name, but its not easy to find, lucky my cousins brought us there the last time.
and this place sells delicious pork chop buns! its located near the famous ruined wall
lastly, the place to go if you wanna buy foodies back for family & frens