07 December 2010

doggies @ reservoir

brought doggies out to the reservoir last weekend. its kinda once in a blue moon thing for me to do. tyre's occasionally bugging me to bring them out to the reservoir especially in the mornings but i pretty dread bringing them out to crowded places or outside cuz i become the ultimate control freak and it tires me out trying to keep them totally in control, wihich is also impossible.
anyway, good thing i did it cuz they were so happy prancing ard and exploring the new environment. so much so that snowy was sooo tired that she merely plopped down on the grass and refused to walk/run anymore. here are some pictures of my darlings...

managed to catch them smiling! look at the curl of snowy's tongue! :D
my three darlings posing for the picture. snowy was actually sitting with yuki but she jumped down and plopped onto the grass. i was momentarily worried/freaking out cuz she's acting a bit wonky but i guessed that's cuz she's tired
them on their way home. they are still smiling. :D

busy bug

Its been more than a month since my last post. Been busy with some serious data entry work to meet some deadlines, did some travelling to bangkok and korea, then preparing for bro's wedding end of Nov. And right after wedding, been busy clearing up backlog @ work and then crafting goodies for Ms G's upcoming fair again in Dec. Since i will be away from tomorrow onwards till end of the year, i had better craft more in case there are orders for my goodies, which are great as xmas gifts (yeah... i am 'advertising' my own products here). Handmade gifts will be a good change from those store bought ones - tho I will be giving store bought ones to my friends (i just finished wrapping the gifts! And realised i left out some... hope to find some time to buy before flying off tomorrow)

First to London, then to Paris with usual travel girl mates and then to Ipoh/Pangkor/KL with family. A bit sad cuz I wun be spending xmas eve in Singapore with the usual gang with the gift exchanges. Its has been a yearly ritual for as long as i can remember and i cant join in this time :(.

I really enjoied last year's gift exchange and was looking forward to it again this year but guess its not possible.

Anyway, if you are having a party with no idea for organising gift exchanges party - try this for a change. We call it the "Booby Gift Exchange". Its just like recycling - Bring a gift which you have recieved before but didnt like it and havent used it before. The idea was - what u dont like may be what the other like. Few of the memorable booby gifts last year were the glass trinket box (which i got in the end :( ) , the mouse pad, the comp speaker and an umbrella. The umbrella was actually one of the most useful booby gift.

On a seperate topic, Do look out for some of my new handmade goodies at the shoppe. Had wanted to take pictures of those but no time to do it today and i have already passed it to Ms G to post online. There are bendy pouches, large metal clasp pouches, small metal clasp purses and iphone pouches.

So, here's MERRY X'MAS in advance!!!