29 August 2008

clay craft

i saw this very pretty book on making clay food crafts at kino few days back. although i dont or havent tried it before, i cant resist not buying it- i shall buy it first and when my mood strikes, i can try it out.

i havent tried using clay so far because clay normally comes in big packs and i cant finish using them all at one go for these minature food crafts. the tot of keeping them, storing them seems too troublesome but i am sure, one of these days, i will try it! in fact, i already bought a few packets of clay few months back, waiting for the right moment.

another bag gone wrong

seems to be losing the bag touch - cant make nice bags anymore?!!

in view of my eagerly anticipated japan trip end september, i wanted to do a pretty sling bag which i can use in japan (a particular fren told me not to buy any bags in singapore as there will be tons of bags to buy in japan). so here's it - made a bag using my favorite fabric prints in russian dolls. it din turn out the way i imagined it to be and its a great dissapointment because i spent lots of time & effort on this quilting it by hand instead of sewing machine. :( guess i will chuck it aside with the "failures" which will eventually end up in the rubbish dump again. sighh...
the front
the back
the inside
i tot the combination of fabrics was lovely though.

28 August 2008

innovative idea

saw these pipes in the factory left lying around in the factory, i think.
someone then came up with the bright idea to reuse it but cutting it into nice shapes and turning it into pots for the plants!
cool eh! i like the idea of the recycling and beautifying at no costs :D

my favourite collection

inspired by haw's blog entry on her favorite corner which includes her collection of books, i decided to rearrange my room - book shelf to be specific.

the shelf was originally used for my radio and putting spare change & my various spectacles. now, its for my collection of craft books ranging from quilting to sewing to felt & paper crafts. it used to be stacked up inside the cupboard and it was difficult to find any book. now, there's easier access and i feel so shiok looking at it everytime. i wanna grow my collection - based on my rough count, its about 70+, and i am soooo looking forward to my japan trip to stock up on more!

26 August 2008

bag & bag

its now close to 2am and the aircon's down - its weird.. we just got the aircon man to do some mantainence and cleaning work last week and it worked fine for a week and suddenly today, it started leaking... maybe aircon man planned this purposely so that he can come back again to repair and make some more money (my suspicious overactive mind at work).. its too hot in the room ... how to sleep??? :(

anyway, sent my laptop to the doctors last week for treatment and now its back!!! :D so here are the 2 projects which i did recently..

the first one below's a boxy pouch. din quite like the fabric and end results.. threw it away in the end.

and this one's a bag.. and i like it alot (as usual) and i brought it along for my tennis game! here's it sitting prettily at the net.

12 August 2008

reversible bag

did this till 3am last night.. really need to get over this bag crafting addiction soon. the late nights are not good for me. its a reversible bag which turned out bigger than i expected - dun think i will be using this in the near future.

11 August 2008

my fab bags!

spent many late nites for the past week doing these 2 pretty bags (from the book that eming sent!) ! and had so much fun doing it!
this ducky bag has a special shape almost like a fan with an oval bottom.
it can even stand on its own without toppling - its quite sturdy!
and this bag's fresh out from the 'oven' - i just completed it an hour ago :D love it as much! but cant decide whether to accessorize it with a flower or to keep it plain so i m posting 2 variations :D

and without flower

and the interior of the bag - with pretty rocking horses prints
i am going to do another new design later tonite! :D

fab book from eming!

my dear cousin sent me this from HK and its my favorite craft book now and i want to try out most of the stuffs inside. its beautiful - most of the books i have features the typical shaped bags but this one has bags in refreshing shapes and sizes! highly recommend this book if you are into crafting bags! thanks eming! :D

09 August 2008

tank tops

tried to spruce up the plain tank tops by sewing on some stuffs. kinda like the end results :D but cant seem to take a good picture of them tho.

08 August 2008

i love russian dolls bags

wanted to buy a bag with russian doll prints from lesportsac - admittedly, the prints werent pretty at all but i wanted to get it because its russian dolls related. anyway, didnt get it in the end cuz its pretty hideous so i made one for myself! :D

patchwork sling bag

love the way the colors came together nicely for the patchwork portion of the bag. the only glitch was the finishing touches - should have used plain pink fabric on the sides instead of cartoon/flowery prints. now, its a cluttered looking sling bag :( but still pretty nevertheless :D

pyramid pouch

been thinking of doing this for a long time, and finally, got around to doing it! its fun and easy to do ! might do more of these in different prints and colors in the near future :D