18 October 2008

i heart curtain straps

made these today! have been using rubber bands, clips to bundle my curtains together for a long time and finally, the mood struck and i did these for my curtains! sooooo pretty. it took longer than expected to do cuz of wrong sewing .. had to unpick, sew, unpick sew a couple times. pretty fustrating! but so glad its done and pretty!

16 October 2008

new bendy pouches @ etsy

finally, i have made a range of bendy pouches for my etsy shop - visit www.onebowl.etsy.com
i havent been posting any items for sale on etsy for a long long time because there's no inspiration to craft anything functional & pretty. well, anyhow, its done! here's it - buy them if it catches your fancy!

ribbon towel

to turn a boring plain towel into something prettier, simply sew a ribbon onto the towel & now it looks better! a cheap thrill craft project.

japan trip - more

if you wanna read up more on my japan trip, check out http://www.jellbellfrhell.blogspot.com/ one of my travelling groupies. anyway she took time and effort to detail and highlight interesting parts of the trip! thank laks, i would have loved to do it myself but my literary skills aint as good.

camera pouch

made a pouch to house my camera! its made using happy yellow colored patchwork fabrics bought from japan and slightly padded to protect the camera from falls.

passport holder

my 'tiger beer' branded passport holder's disintegrating already and needed a new one so i tried sewing one last night. somehow, i got the measurements wrong and it turned out bigger. will need to tweak the measurements and redo it again.

mushrooms madness

i not a huge fan of mushrooms but had to get these cutie mushrooms from kyoto japan. the chalk board's a birthday gift from frens . kawaii!

06 October 2008

japan - travel buddies

on the picture above: it was rainy in tokyo and only lak couple brought their brolly. me and the vongs refuse to buy umbrellas (S$7 only) and chose rather to run from shelter to shelter in the rain. captured this pic when they all squeezed under lak's brolly, waiting to cross the road.

the boys dressed up in traffic light colors!

my hardworking travel buddies @ work finding/asking directions all the time. many thanks to lak & vinwee especially, we would be so lost without them!

group picture taken at universal studio! ET!

we came with a bag each and returned with many bags each!

japan - shops & kawaii stuffs

there are so so so many kawaii stuffs japan. and if you keep a lookout, you can find some good bargains :D

Salut @ shujukuu @ lumine building - fave shop for the Group.

Dig for cheap addidas/sport apparels @ ueno and they are originals! i got addidas jacket for mere S$13 only.

my fave shop in tokyo - i saved it for the last day - TOMATO @ Fabric Town. Its THE place to go for all fabric/sewing fanatics.

sighted this kawaii instant cup noodles @ universal - the fish cakes are spideyman faces.

this fabric shop @ osaka has a great selection of fabrics. didnt buy any there cuz the bag didnt have any excess space.

my fave shop @ kyoto! if i am to open a shop, this would be the type of shop i would open.

lots of kawaii handphone hangies

handmade sushi - they look so real.

handmade owls!

very kawaii candies

japan - foodies

back from japan! its fabulous! i love love love it! cant wait to go back again! it aint as expensive as we tot it may be - we shopped, sightsee, ate, shopped and shopped! there's so much i wanna blog about but if i start, i doubt i can finish, so here are some of my favorite pictures instead.. starting with my favorite foods
cheap & good udon! ate this at a small dingy shop @ fabric town

its halloween @ universal studies and they were serving halloween food - green carbonated soda, carbonara pasta with pumpkin cream sauce. interesting taste.

famous crab place @ osaka - cousins recomended this place. the prices were a bit steep but crabs were sweet and succulent. we went for ramen along the streets after eating here.

best bento set - lak loves to eat bento on the train. we got this near himeji castle.

they say you have to eat sushi when at tsukiji fish market and so we did just tat, but it was quite a dissapointment and overpriced (about S$40 for this plate of sushi). nevertheless, we still have to try it.

my fave tempura rice bowl @ ueno & harajukuu. i ate this 2 times in a row! yummy, somehow their tempura mix taste more yummy.

the best curry ramen i ever had and its located near oakwoods where we stayed at in tokyo. the runny egg, the soft charsiew and the aromatic curry sauce... i drool.. too bad i didnt have the chance to eat it another time.

i have converted!

i have finally joined the Apple Fan Club... all thanks to Mr Lee - he has the fun-est games on his itouch and i drool over them. Soon, my own iphone will have the fun-est games too! no nid to play the game on tyre's hp anymore or borrow mr lee's one cuz by tomorrow, i will have my own fun games :D soon, i will be tech savvy! hahaha

05 October 2008

oh deer me knotty bag

made this before i went to japan for someone... hope she likes it.

a wedding @ glass house

back from japan in time to attend tyre's cousin's wedding yesterday @ sentosa - a pretty setting amidst the greenery and strutting peacocks wandering around. the wedding affair was pretty light hearted and cosy.

solemnisation was held in the glass house complete with 'glass' chairs. after the works are done, the newly wed couple got to ring the bell (see bell tower at the top left hand)
picture of the couple with the buddies.
and lastly, a picture of the couple - this was the best picture i had of them. lousy photography skills.. what to do? :D

if only the weather was cooler...