30 January 2012

Pink & Green Patchwork Pillows

Lately, i have developed an interest in making patchwork pillows. It started from wanting to 'decorate' the hk apt with cushions in hope to make it more cosy and homely. So, i made matching blue and red patchwork pillows in different shapes - square, round and rectangle.

When i came back to Singapore for chinese new year holidays, i made some for Lak and Ms Vong.

Lak requested for bright pink and green pillows. When i first heard of the combi, i tot its kinda weird but then , to each his own, so i made it.

The end results was surprising - its soooo pretty!!!! Ok, it looks ok from the picture cuz i took it with the iphone (blame blame blame) - could have been better with proper camera but i didnt have it with me that day.

21 January 2012

Easy peasy steam milk dessert

Ms G and me stumbled upon the Australia Dairy Company in Jordan area during her last trip to visit me. I had earlier heard about this place from sis-in-law. She was raving about the superb runny scramble eggs with thick toast.

So as soon as i saw it, we had to try it. Since it was almost dinner time, we only had steam milk (they are also famous for that). Its delicious! Smooth and full of milk flavor.

Anyway, if you are at home, craving for steam milk or wanting to have a quick dessert - try this at home. It aint going to be as smooth as what you eat outside, but its good enough

Steam Milk Recipe (good for 1 pax)
one bowl of milk (rice bowl size? i never measure it before but my guess is its about 200ml?)
egg white (from one egg)
sugar (add according to sweetness preference)
Whisk or Beat with fork till lots of bubbles form on the top of the mixture. Then cling wrap the bowl and steam it over boiling water for 15 minutes.
(Tip: Do not open the lid for the entire duration during steaming)

Try it ! But if you still prefer store bought ones, try the one at Australia Diary Company located at 47 Parkes Street at Kowloon side.

I Heart Pancakes

There are times when i crave for pancakes and i get my fix from macdonalds. Would love to do them myself but those store bought pancake mixes are usually too much to finish up.

I love my pancakes soaked with maple syrup topped with lots of butter. So sinful but so good.

Source: unkown

So, lucky for me, The Cousin made us some pancakes for breakfast lately and shared her receipe with me. Its simple and yummy.

Pancake Recipe (good for 2-3pax)
1 tablespoon butter (melted)
100g plain flour
2 teaspoon baking powder
2 teaspoon sugar
1 egg
125ml milk
pinch of salt
Simply mix them all up into a nice consistent batter, set aside for 10 minutes.

(Note: do not mix up baking powder with baking soda. I did that once and the pancake turned out soapy/alkaline like)
(A little tip: Flip over to the other side only when the batter starts to bubble on the top side - that way, you get nicely browned shaped pancakes which does not fall apart.

Daruma - Tasty Ramen House

The Cousins brought us to this yummy ramen place at tung lo wan in hong kong island. its a small cozy japanese eatery specialising only in ramen - my guess is that it seats probably about 30 pax at maximum. Due to limited capacity, the place fills up very fast and so does the queue. Its best to go early, as soon as it opens at 12 noon to avoid queueing. We arrived a little later and had to wait a bit.

Pricing wise, its pretty affordable at HKD68-88. The soup is yummylicious with generous portion of charsiew! Thick and delicious! I had the house special which comes with a dollop of mentaiko sauce (see that orange globe) and I drank up all the soup! Slurp! So fantastic!

Daruma Ramen House is located at 92E Tung Lo Wan Road - its a short walk away from Victoria Park. Directions to the eatery can be found on its website at www.daruma.com.hk

Think will go there to satisfy my ramen craving during my next hk visit

20 January 2012

Second half 2011 - HK!

i havent been updating the blog for many reasons...mostly out of pure laziness
but also for excuses such as wanting to start a brand new one ... there are some blog styles that inspire me to 'imitate'

but that would be akin to erasing my past entries since 2007 which is a pity.

so after much procrastination, i decided ... just stick with the current one out of pure convenience and convinced myself that i dont need fancy layout, fancy writing nor contents. Just better photography and photoediting skills will do.

so, just a recap of what's going on in my life for the last half year in 2011...

i have upgraded/downgraded from miss to to mrs lim.

i have done a bit of shuttling between singapore & hong kong. The Husband (aka Tyre) is now working in hong kong and being the supportive and loving wife i am (*puke*), i tagged along. i spend my time cooking, washing and crafting in hk. its like a holiday/getaway for me and i am pretty much enjoying it :D time alone to indulge in me, myself and The Husband.

our home for now is this tiny apartment in ma on shan. view of the apartment facade.

i wiki-ed the description of ma on shan and its says "ma on shan is a new town along the eastern coast of tolo harbor in the new territories of hong kong". i tried to locate a spot on the map just to get a rough idea. its takes me about half hour to get to tsim tsa tsui via bus - not that far afterall.

but if i were to travel by mtr, its very very far.

but then again, there's no need to go to town everyday. i get my groceries and shopping fix from the nearby malls which is a 10 minutes stroll away. our place is located along the ma on shan promenade facing the tolo harbor. unfortunately, we do not get a full frontal view of the harbor. we only see it from a diagonal angle. the promenade's really nice long stretch of walkway - good for strolling , cycling but i only 'used' it twice in my months of stay there. just too lazy. luckily, The Husband is a bit more hardworking - he jogs along the promenade occassionally.