25 February 2009

book indulgence

managed to pop by bras basah complex today before my facial to shop for books. headed straight to the corner second hand shop on the first floor next to the library to scour for bargains and here's wat i got
food magazines. they are so delicious looking i cant resist not buying them. only $2 per magazine
books by danielle steel. i love to read them where i was younger and these covers are so vintage looking so i bought them even tho they are yellowed and aged. only $1 each!

23 February 2009

little bro gets crafty

we saw a shop in cineleisure selling a wallet for $40 - its made using envelops and scotch tape! we were shocked @ the price, then yifong suggested he try to do one himself just for fun so here's it!

weekend getaway

we went for a weekend getaway at singapore's most prestigious address ('tat's their tagline) - the St. Regis! and it was fabulous! so much i wanna rave about it, but guess, pictures says a thousand words.. here they are...
complementary drinks delivered to the room...they even offered free pressing services upon check-in if you require it.

and the sugar comes in pretty squarish shapes with holes in the middle...

some pictures of the room...
we brought our own snacks and tidbits just in case we get hungry

and we were too cheap to order room service or eat at the restaurant so we bought zi-char and sneaked it into the room.. but it not cheap either.. $50 for these zi-char spread for 2 pax - we over-ordered.

and one of the best part of the stay? unlimited, free use of the indoor AIR-Conditioned tennis court! this is tyre's favorite part of the stay!
they even stock up the tennis court with fresh towels, mineral water bottles, tennis rackets and balls! very totful!
we are so hoping to go back for another weekend stay in the near future but at close to $500 per night, its highly unlikely :I

mini camera

got anothe tech item - a mini digital leica camera which is smaller than my hands. its a handy size but realli basic and pretty user-unfriendly with no flash. guess i will still be using my handy lumix bulky camera for quite some time :D

new toy, new pouch

made a new pouch for my new toy.. guess what's inside?

its my new mini notebook.
its small & light about 1.2kg only, and PRETTY In PINK!! for the past few months, been lugging my big bulky compaq notebook to and fro work every day . with my new project, i finally have an excuse to buy a new one! the big bulky one will be for work and this pretty pinky's for bringing out and using @ home :D
the white one's going for $600 but according to them, the pink one's limited edition and need to pay $25 more... more likely they think i am a sucker so try to pull a fast one over me.. . anyway i ended up paying $625 happily for pink one! :D

06 February 2009

blue elephant

this is the first time i attempted a keychain. love the end result.. so cute ! :D may do a few more of these with different fabrics

prototype wallet #1

been wanting to do a fold wallet for my own use for quite some time but never got around to doing it because i was too lazy to do the measurements etc. anyway, finally decided to try it today... horrible end results - got the dimensions wrong - the wallet's too long.

but love the way the coins compartment turned out as its expandable.

showed it to my bro for his comments and he found a novel way of using it - as armband and that him 'modelling' it for me on his arm :P

new bag

pretty shape, pretty size, pretty fabric and pretty good handicraft.. too bad the handle's too short to hang over the arms.

02 February 2009

a sign?

7-11's having a promotion. collect 1 stamp with every $5 spent and collect 10 stamps (i think) and redeem a free hello kitty figurine..and ta da!! i have one now and i wonder what's in it...there's no way to know what's inside until you open it...
there's are 8 different figures .. pirate, magician, OL, cowgirl etc... i wonder which one i got?
...... i got THE MAID! bummer.. of all the figurines... i got THE MAID!??!?! hahah its a sign of my life in the year ahead?!!? on the bright side, its really kawaii looking :D