02 November 2010

New New New!

Here's the prototype of the new purse! Its nicely-sized to hold in the hands, measuring approximately 12cm by 10cm. Been thinking of doing up something like that for a very long time but didnt know how to do the 'accordian-like' compartments.

I think, this is another useful, multi-tasker creation. The compartments allow you to categorise the cards. I am thinking - 2 slots for cards, 1 slot for dollar notes (have to fold it into half before slotting in). And the zipper compartment allows for coins.

Wanted to do a few for the shoppe and for the upcoming fair but I cant find the correctly sized zippers yet. I wanted the color of the zippers to match the purse but i could onli find black, navy blue and white so far. Anyway, stay tuned for these if you are interested.

Seperately - i do miss crafting. Have not been indulging in my daily dosage of crafting for these 2 weks, after the latest batch of carpark/cheque book coupon holders. Been busy with the house, doing some travelling and bro's upcoming wedding by month end. Hope to catch up on crafting when i am back from Korea next week! :D

Carpark Coupon/Cheque book holders

Made these about 2 weeks back and wanted to post them as soon as its done before listing in the shoppe. But dad brought my camera along for his holidays so i had to wait till he's back with it.
So, he's back now and here are the pictures. They have already been listed in the shoppe and some have been sold since then. :D

I have this little game i 'play' with tyre, my younger brother and mummy. Whenever my crafts are done, i will show it to them and ask them to arrange in accordance to their preference. And then we will 'discuss' the rankings. Tyre will usually rank the floral ones last, while mummy will rank those higher. Ha ha ha. I am quite bo liao :P