17 November 2009

black and white patchwork

finally got needles for my sewing machines. according to the shop which i bought the needles from, the needles for manual sewing machine and electric machine are different and since mine's an electric one, i got the needles which she recommended.

tried it just now and somehow, the stitching turns out very ugly and uneven. shucks... looks like i may need to bring the sewing machine down to the agent for servicing or watever... anyhow, for now, i chose to ignore it and went ahead to sew these patchwork pouches which were waiting to be completed.

one in black/white and another in red. that's all for the patchwork purses. need to find another project to sew.

15 November 2009

hexagon patchwork

just came back from shanghai early this week. havent been there for a year already. as usual, went there with my parents.

did up these while i was there. didnt have a sewing machine over there so i had to do some hand-sewn projects. intially, wanted to use these hexagon pacthwork for pouches or coasters. but changed my mind, its going to evolve into a huge unlikely to finish project...

i am going to attempt to do up another quilt cover! a week of late nights equals to 20 hexagons. i think i need another 40 weeks of late nights...

12 November 2009

yummy chocolate croutons

whenever i visit daiso, i am tempted by its wide selection of japanese snacks at affordable prices. but never got around to buying it becuase its all in japanese words and i am not really a snack person.

but today, i've got a sudden urge to buy some of the snacks... (prob cuz of my empty stomach.. just mee siam for lunch is not enuff). anyway, i got this one for its pretty packaging and was pleasantly surprise to find out that it tastes just as good. the courtons are crispy yet a bit moist with chocolate and bite-sized! yummy. at $2 per box, i think its worth it.