31 December 2008

chirping cheery birds

today's a happy crafting day. made these keys holder and they are pretty pretty pretty! chirp chirp!

what's the happiest thing today?

for me, it was getting a prime parking lot near the entrance to the shopping center once i drive into a full car park.
you know those days when you queue up to enter into a car park jam packed with cars and then u immediately get an empty lot! for me, it makes me HAPPY! very happy akin to striking lottery! :P

30 December 2008

oh deery me pencil case

so sweety pink! it fits an aromatherapy pot, candles & bottle of essence oil perfectly! good for bringing overseas, just in case the room stinks ~ one of my travel essentials.

gingerbread man's day out @ forest

love this fabric! and tried to craft a wallet which can hold lots of cards. love the end results, with the red borders & crochet lace! pity its a bit flimsy to hold - shd have reinforced it with interface or quilted it. will try again next time :D

sweet brother

younger bro's so sweet i had to blog about it.
he's been doing some internet business thingy... selling clothes and this xmas, he used the profits made over the past year to get our family xmas presents - everyone got one of these in different colors and designs.the white one's for me and the black's for tyre. :D thanks bro!

26 December 2008

crabby feast

had craving for crabs on xmas day so headed to eng seng @ joo chiat road for the famous crabs. "they" say its yummy & affordable. usually, the queue starts before six and by eight, all the crabs will be sold out. so we headed there for dinner early @ six to beat the queue but even then, we had to queue for half hour before getting seats and to make the wait worthwhile, we ordered 5 crabs - 2 chili crabs and 3 black pepper. "they" say its approx. $30 for 2 crabs or so i heard WRONGLY! (its actually $30 for 1 crab)
crabs came, we feasted and over-ate till we were darn full and sick of the crabs - an overdosage! anyway, when the bill came, we were shocked! $160 for 4 pax!*faint* and we had to empty our wallets together to pay for the bill!
what a way to spend xmas.

x'mas muffins

tried to bake a xmas 'cake' made up of many muffins. spent the morning doing it and here's the end results. somehow, it tastes better fresh out of the oven. somehow, it wasnt as popular as i would imagine it to be ~ everyone was vying to eat it .... as punishment!! :P
and these's commercialised log cakes were more popular than my freshly, lovingly handmade cupcakes. anyway, thanks to tonghui & joanne for sponsoring these log cakes for the party, else everyone had to make do with the miserable few cupcakes.

xmas eve @ tea's

as usual, tea throws a party with flair - only the good stuff! this time, its yummy lamb, beef, ribs, chicken & huge 7kg honey baked ham! few varieties but darn yummy.

shophouse for you?

S$3.2 million! that's what it will costs to buy a renovated Smashing new shophouse @ still road. took a peek into one of the houses and its soooo prettily modern. i would love to stay in one of these , but then again, maybe not.. too much history and 'baggage' within the house already. i think i prefer a brand new house built from scratch. :D plus its way toooo expensive.

23 December 2008

russian tote bag

after 4D3N cruise filled with eating, eating and more eating, me & tyre needed some exercise badly.. so headed for the courts for a 'sweat it out' session. i brought my newly crafted bag for tennis today - the new bag looks happy amongst the tennis stuffs.

took me a week long of late nites to complete it as the quilting was done by hand instead of machine. love this bag alot & was very satisfied with the end results.

15 December 2008

polka dot pocket bag

yay! its done! made this over the weekend! aint it sweet looking? :D up next, another bag creation using my favorite russian dolls prints!


went to cousin's kid's birthday party last week and saw the prettiest looking cake - made with 15 cupcakes @ sky high price of $75. very sweet & pretty looking due to the pretty pastel icing colors , but taste-wise, its quite bland and hard.

inspired by those, i decided to try my hand at making cupcakes. so far so good. for the first batch of cupcakes, i baked it using Betty Crocker's ready mix blueberry muffin mix - just add oil, eggs and milk, then bake at its ready! not bad for my first attempt but felt tat the blueberry taste a bit too artificial. anyway, packed 3 for tyre to eat, but dropped it on his way home :(
and these, i made it today! chocolate chips cupcakes! yummy! toyed with the idea of decorating it with lots of pretty icing sugar, but better not cuz it will be too sweet.

07 December 2008

new investment

have been thinking of baking for a long time but never got around to doing it till day. yes, i have invested into some equipment & raw materials today! the mixer's an early xmas present from mummy!

have been eyeing to try out the molten chocolate cake recipe for a long time and could finally do it today. look how yummy it looked on paper. and it claims to be "our very best - and easiest!" hmm... wat can go wrong?

how did it turned out? horrible! another failed project @ baking. the cake turned out a bit too charred and too dry despite following the recepie to the tee. should have used lesser flour and baked it at a lower temperature.

totally fustrating. i am turning to crafting for comfort. look what came out of it. pretty useless stones :D but pretty and satisfying. i am making these into magnets for the fridge.

defunct water feature @ home

this small waterfall at the corner of my house used to be home to many koi fishes. one day, the motor for the waterfall broke down and it never got repaired since then.

now, its home to ... guess wat? lots of tadpoles!! yucky! soon, my house will be swamped with froggies! eewwwww