15 August 2011

Kraze Burger

Just another mindless entry ...

We were craving for burger and fries over the weekend so we went in search for macdonalds. Funnily - we cant seem to find it along nathan road. I am sure there is but we were just too hungry and lazy to look anymore. All we could find were starbucks. In the end, we saw this - Kraze Burgers and went in to try it.

Kraze Burgers is from korea and its also avaliable in Singapore. But never see it ard before and so i googled it to find its location - its at International Plaza @ tanjong pagar. On the website, it says "gourmet fusion burgers with Kraze's special sauces matched with delicious salads, pastas.. including famous chili fries". Reads good doesnt it?

We tried their chef recommendations - the Kraze burger and the chili fries.

Picture looks good but we thought it was rather bland. The beef patty was too thin and weak in flavor. Boring...

11 August 2011

Holiday Part 3 - LA

Nothing much to blog about LA. Just few pictures on the food we took.

True Food - a pretty, modern eatery located at Santa Monica. Instead of flowers at the tables, they used catus - i like tat idea and look. The food's good but its the ambience that's better.

Denny's . My must go place for good ole hearty american breakfast! Yumz!

PF Chang's a place to go for chinese food. Funny thing the whole plac is filled with ang mohs, even the waitresses and kitchen staff. We were the only handful asian customers ard.

That sums up our holiday !!

Holiday Part 2 - Vancouver

I dont remember much about Vancouver actually. Between Seattle & Vancouver, i seemed to remember seattle better. But looking thru the pictures, vancouver seemed more interesting

We took a 3hours plus train to Vancouver from Seattle early morning. Its a nice train ride with free wifi on board. If you intend to do the same too, remember to go to the train station early to get the tickets cuz its hassle - First, queue to get physical ticket, then join the second queue to get seat number. Therafter, join the third queue to check in the luggage. Also, bring breakfast cuz there's no cafes at the train station, only coin operated snack machines.

Granville Island @ Vancouver! i love this place. Its basically a marketplace with fresh foods , eateries and buskers. Take the river taxi over to the 'island' which is like a 5 minutes leisurely ride.

Stanley Park - another major attraction. Its basically this huge nature reserve park. People over that side of the world seem to prefer hanging out at the parks /in nature rather than in malls. The city centre is pretty quiet on weekends and parks are filled with pple. We sighted racoons & squirrels - they are not scared of ppl it seems (there's tyre looking at the squirrel scurry by him)

While browsing at souvenir shops, i keep seeing figures (similar to the picture below on right). Was wondering what's that major attraction and must see. While strolling along stanely park, we finally chanced upon it. Aint much to look at.
Gastown is one of the historical places to visit in vancouver. Basically nice quaint shops lined the cobblestone streets. Quite a nice place to wander around with many souveneir shops. The famous steam clock (bottom right) is a major attraction in gastown - a small tower that emits steam. I would have missed if it not for the throng of crowd busy snapping pictures of it. Gastown is a few blocks away from the unsavory part of town, so be careful not to wander off tracks - we almost did but tyre spotted many dodgy looking pple and we u-turned.

The world trade center - the famous thing about this is the architecture - the building is modeled like a ship with sails.

Whistler moutains. This i enjoied the most in Vancouver. We took a day trip up to the moutains via the coach - took us about 2 hours to get there. Its beautiful & picturesque. Its a ski resort town actually but in the summertime, the slopes become a playground for cyclists. Its prettier and has better vibes than Zermatt in Switzerland.

We had some time to spare, in fact lots since we are not cycling, nor taking the cable car, so we took the ATV thingy - bascially, a 3 hours tour on the atv up into the moutains. Its pretty fun - we sighted a deer and bear.

Trip to vancouver's not complete without good food. We chanced upon this fantastic ramen shop along robson street (robson street is the main shopping street in city centre)

We also tried dim sum at Imperial - it was listed as one of the places to go for chinese food on the guidebook. Its was average only.

After seattle, we were craving very badly for chinese food and we went to Hon's. Tyre wanted chinese food so badly that he googled for this. Portions where huge and we finished them all!! Not bad for a hearty meal.

Next stop - LA!

10 August 2011

Holiday Part 1 - Seattle

This time, just the two of us - me and tyre. Its been ages since we went on holiday together - just the two of us and no one else. The last "two of us" holiday was like 4years ago - we went to phuket and we were bored of each other by nightfall. Since then, we always holiday with friends.

Anyway, since this time, its just the two of us, for a change - and it was planned by tyre! all by tyre! finally after being together for years, he finally planned a holiday for us!

Here's the big travel plan - Seattle, Vancouver and LA! Yeah.. we love LA so much we are going back again! All in 2 weeks!

Here's Seattle first! First tots of Seattle - Sleepless in Seattle (the movie starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks) and Home of Starbucks!! Overall, Seattle's a really nice place to wander around. We opt to wander around by foot and not driving since we stayed in the city centre.

Pike Place Market - one of the Top 10 places to go in Seattle. Its basically a wet market but sooo bustling with locals, tourists, activities. The flowers sold there are soooo prettty and affordably priced - USD4 for a whole bunch. "they" say must look at the bronze pig while at pike market cuz its symbolic - what a let down, its located at a corner and quite forgettable.

The birthplace of Starbucks is located at Pike Place too! Its just a small shop that's quite easy to miss. Seattle's filled with busy Starbucks joints every other block or so in the city center! And its usually crowded!

Other sights around Seattle like the Seattle Center (top left picture - where u can pay to go up to see the view) , the Olympic Sculpture Park, the pier etc.
We were looking for breakfast and chanced upon this "The Crumpet Shop". Freshly baked ones - tasting somewhat like mufins except more moist. The first time i had crumpet was at HK cousin's place and so i wanted tyre to try it too. His order ham and egg was good but my egg with pesto is a waste of my calories intake.

THE CRAB POT! A MUST GO! its one of my world's best food! Super YUMZ! I drool as i type now. So good we had it twice! Its basically crabs, sausages, potatoes, corn, clams, mussels boiled with special spices, then served in a big pot!. Then they empty the pot onto the table for you to feast on! YUMZ! Dig out the crab meat, dip into melted butter and chew! slurp!!! Its pretty pricey @ about USD68++ for 2 pax but its definitely worth it! Its our best meal for the entire trip!

We took a 15-minute ferry ride to other side of seattle - Aki Beach. Its one of the recommended places to visit. We didnt like it much but it was overall relaxing and quite there. The cafe where we had lunch had interesting sugar sachets - with quotable quotes.

That's all for Seattle. I will always remember THE CRAB POT the most!

Next stop - Vancouver!

Switerland Part 6 - Zurich

Greetings from HK!

Haven logged in for quite a long while and I have so much to blog about stuffs in the past month. Then i realised i haven finished switzerland. So here's it - the last leg of the trip - Zurich.

Nothing much in Zurich other than its a nice pretty city, as like other parts of Switzerland - its all really pretty, nice and clean, but awfully expensive :( Some sights around Zurich...

And , during summertime, they have this flea mart in the heart of the city. I love basking in the bustle of flea mart. And i chanced upon this! - Vintage laces!!! *love love love* to my parents, its a waste of money but to me, its gem!!! Pretties!!!

Our last and most fun meal in Switzerland. Raclett and Fondue! Yumz.

That sums up our whole trip ! :D