28 April 2011

the twins get crafty

my hk cousin, west brother, came to singapore for a short holiday with his family, including his very cute twin daughters. they've got pretty fair, porcelain and rosy cheeks - wished i had complexion like theirs - darn chio.

they came by for dinner and i kept them entertained the night. they are fun to hang with -yakking away about their school, lame jokes, little boys they like and crafts they wanna do. they were so amazed with my collection of cloths and crafts that they wanted to sew something too. but they were pretty young and 'clumsy' for needles and sewing machine so i had to distract them into doing something else.

we crafted charm necklaces, fabric covered fridge magnets and scrapbooking. i think they enjoied the scrapbooking part the best. good thing i bought that useless polariod camera months back - cuz i could then take instant photos on the spot for them to do scrapbooking.

key cozy

i first crafted key cozies early last year but never crafted any more after that i'm not a key person and dun find a need for it. i usually like to craft things which i personally find it useful. key pouches are more useful cuz they can double up as card holders or sometimes, coin pouch.

however, lately, increasingly , i think its good to use key pouch/cozies. i use mine to put my banking token - its easier to find it in my messy bag and protects the screen from being scratched.

here's my latest batch of key cozies. :D

easter day pigging out

last friday was a public holidays and we hung out for pigging out session. hmm.. not exactly pigging out but we did get to try new foodies.

first, we went to The Plain @ tanjong pagar for bread for brunch - its packed with people! when kay said the place only serves bread and coffee, i tot it was a huge portion of bread, somewhat like what they serve at ps cafe. but i was wrong. the portions were quite small, for my stomach, considering that i had to combine 2 meals in 1 as its Brunch!

Notice the picture on the bottom left - the spoon does not sink into the foam for the coffee. According to tyre, only good barristas can do this. The other place which serves coffee with such dense foam is Jones the grocer. I had the bread in the middle - kinda like those i can make at home with fried eggs instead of poach eggs la. aiyoh... vely the not full at all :P

We went for korean fried chicken at night. Ms Vong's been wanting to try out this place for months and we finally went. Its also packed and we had to wait close to half hour for the seats. The portions were huge and satisfying. We had the chicken platter and i love the orignal one the best. The 'three layer' pork turned out to be surprisingly good, especially when paired with the fresh veggies. And the mussels 'hotpot' - "best"! Its like a never-ending pot of mussels. So much and so best that we overdosed on it and we had to force it down our throats.

epic meal time!

time flies. last year that time, we were at shunjuu stuffing ourselves with yakitories and sake and the bill came up to about a horrendous $120++ per pax. shunjuu serves my world's best foie gras! slurp!

this year, she planned her birthday in advance, but inviting us to tea's place for bbq ... by tea too! haahah great idea of hers cuz i was drooling for the yummy lamb chops - tea bbq's yummy juicy chops always! my world's best lamb chops!

ray and tea were so 'excited' about the gathering tha they both did up posters! ray even went a step further to print flyers for the invitees! :D

bbq in progress.

good food, good beer, good company *thumbs up*

test run my future home look

i like the shabby chic look, with lots of white. this will likely be how my future home with tyre be like. am doing a 'trial run' at our place which is to be rented out. hopefully, it makes it enticing enough for prospective tenants to want to move in fast :D

The living room. Made these matching pillow cases to 'soften' the look. Love the bay window which overlooks the pool - it would be good for reading a book and lazing the afternoon away .

The kitchen looks so inviting with the lightings and barang barang. Love it! :D

The electric box in the walk in wardrobe's quite an eyesore actually, so i made a cover for it - kinda blends in nicely with the white background.

And other things around the place which i like :D

20 April 2011

mee soto

i aint much of a fan of malay food - meaning if i'm at a foodcourt or have to choose an eatery, malay food usually aint my number one choice... all except this mee soto! Super duper yumz!

a mere $2 onli and super savoury soup with huge chunks of chicken thigh meat and beansprouts! YUM YUM YUM. I would usually slurp up allllll the soup! Only avaliable @ Toll Offshore Loyang. In fact, this malay staff at the canteen serves very very very yummy food - the bee hoon goreng, the malay pancake with chili - droolz!

cozy little corner

Last year, around this time, we finally got our little place, which we then rented out without 'playing' with it.

This year, since the tenancy's up, we decided to take back the place to do a little maintenance and cleaning up before finding nice new tenants for it.

For the past few days, it was scrubbing, cleaning, patching, washing, troubleshooting, decorating etc. Its backbreaking work, it's all worth it after seeing it all cleaned up and nice.

We finally had time last evening to sit at the tiny balcony to enjoy a cuppa tea with my fave singer Babara and peeking at people swim in the pool. Shiok! :D Hope the next tenant loves this place as much as we do.

Here's all my pretty things in the balcony. The white wall lamp was a lucky find. I actually saw 2 of it displayed in a showroom last weekend and asked one of the salesgirl if its for sale. The salesgirl said no immediately. I find it baffling cuz i did see a price tag hanging on it but i dint probe further since i was rushing for dinner. Anyway, after dinner, i returned to the same place and saw one of it MISSING. So, i asked another salesgirl if the other is for sale. She said yes!. GRRRR.. my guess is the previous one was too lazy - cuz she would need to unscrew, unwire the lamp before selling and was lazy to do it! Anyway, i got it in the end! :D here's it .. pretty in white :D

Will take more pics of our little place when I am there the next time - we just need to add a new sofa to it and its good to go! :D

16 April 2011

Birthdays and food

April's a month of birthdays!!!

First there was Kyra's 1st year birthday, then Damon's 30+++ birthday and soon, it be shoutmatey Haw's birthday.

Here we are with Damon, eating at this pizza place at MBS, which was recommended by Haw. According to her, its her world's best pizza. Guessed she set my expectations too high cuz it turned out quite dissapointing for me. The portions were miserably small and pricey. The waitresses were a bit haughty too :(

Then there was Kyra's birthday. Love her cake! Sooooo pretty and yummy enuff - lychee flavor! Haw, i get u the same type of cake for ur birthday k? Cuz tea said no stoopid cakes like agar agar cuz that dun count as cake :P Kyra's so smiley! I love smiley babies.

And there's cool char .... i love cool babies as well!

Seperately, mummy brought us out for dinner last sunday to a new place which her 'idol' recommended. Not bad.. good food, good portions. How to diet when there's always good food?!?! :O

More large clasp pouches

This is last post for the series of craft items, i think, for the next few months. I really have to start focusing on other stuffs for the next few months, instead of crafting - i.e. prep the wedding, prep the figure, prep the new house, prep the work, prep the travel etc etc. Had been procrastinating on these for the longest time... but now, its already almost end april and its time for to buck up.

Here are the large clasp pouches - all 11 of them. Enjoy :D

Bendy pouches for 2011

I was looking through my previous craft posts and noticed that the last time i crafted these were in October 2010, or at least that my 'latest' records on blog.

Tyre's in KL these couple of days, and that leaves me with some free time to myself to craft into the wee hours of the morning. And so i 'rushed' these out :D So fun!

These, together with the round bendy pouches and iphone pouches will be avaliable at the shoppe soon, when Ms G returns end of the month :D Do get them if you like it :D

15 April 2011

Round bendy pouches

Tried to craft something different for the shoppe - consider this a novelty thing. Bendy pouches in round shape - these are softer than the normal bendy pouches but just as good to use.

And in view of my growing stash of left over odd shaped fabrics, i did simple patchwork for a different feel. They are sooooo pretty!!! :D

Crafting away - iphone pouches

Since returning from the last trip, i have been busy... busy crafting away :D its so good to be able to indulge in crafting. Here's some of the iphone pouches i have done up.
* was thinking of how to take nice pictures of these iphone pouches and brother suggested i take it the above way. was quite skeptical at first... not really my style to put the item at a small corner - i usually focus directly on the craft item. anyway, it turned out pretty! :D something new.

03 April 2011

HK Fun

Was in HK with Ms G in March and just came back. Think i had over-exerted myself shopping, eating and fell sick when i returned. Feeling better now, luckily :D

HK was a series of eating eating eating and shopping shopping shopping. Ms G brought me to new places to try new foodies which is good cuz I usually go HK with parents and end up in the same ole places. Going with frens meant exploring new places new foodies.

Lan Fong Yuen @ Central, near the flight of escalators leading up to mid levels is an authentic HK cafe. Yummz xi-mut ice tea and maggi mee!!! THe place's pretty packed, with many taiwanese especially. Business must be good cuz they stipulate a minimum spend of HKD20 per pax - no free seats for free loaders :P

Left to right from top to down - healthly fishball beehoon soup @ some small side alley in mongkok, yummy smooth porridge with fluffy youtiao @ central near the escalator, traditional dim sum pushcarts @ maxim at the concert hall, fantastic braised meat bee hoon soup @ shamsuipo, mango delight dessert @ shuliusiang and yummy xi-mut milk tea and ice lemon tea.

Its the first time i had my tau huay with yellow sugar instead of sugar syrup. Its sooo yummy that i bought back a pack of yellow sugar so that i can have my own sugar tau huay in singapore :D

Wandered around the small streets in Central - there were many interested small shops and eateries. And i finally found the elusive handicraft place which haw told me to look out for.