20 April 2011

cozy little corner

Last year, around this time, we finally got our little place, which we then rented out without 'playing' with it.

This year, since the tenancy's up, we decided to take back the place to do a little maintenance and cleaning up before finding nice new tenants for it.

For the past few days, it was scrubbing, cleaning, patching, washing, troubleshooting, decorating etc. Its backbreaking work, it's all worth it after seeing it all cleaned up and nice.

We finally had time last evening to sit at the tiny balcony to enjoy a cuppa tea with my fave singer Babara and peeking at people swim in the pool. Shiok! :D Hope the next tenant loves this place as much as we do.

Here's all my pretty things in the balcony. The white wall lamp was a lucky find. I actually saw 2 of it displayed in a showroom last weekend and asked one of the salesgirl if its for sale. The salesgirl said no immediately. I find it baffling cuz i did see a price tag hanging on it but i dint probe further since i was rushing for dinner. Anyway, after dinner, i returned to the same place and saw one of it MISSING. So, i asked another salesgirl if the other is for sale. She said yes!. GRRRR.. my guess is the previous one was too lazy - cuz she would need to unscrew, unwire the lamp before selling and was lazy to do it! Anyway, i got it in the end! :D here's it .. pretty in white :D

Will take more pics of our little place when I am there the next time - we just need to add a new sofa to it and its good to go! :D

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