19 March 2008

colorful minis

melts in ur mouth, not in ur hands! yum yum!

work in progress

its been a long time since i did any hexagon patchwork projects...so here's it again - been busy till wee hours of the morning doing this for the past few days...it a tough, long & tiring journey...and only halfway done

just cant wait to see the end product! its gonna be very very pretty! stay tuned! :D

feeling princessy

i am feeling pinky princessy today and decided to bring my luggage to work today for my pretties.

let's see wat's inside..

18 March 2008


I have been tagged! by Karen and here's the meaning of my name

Y : Loved by everyone
I: Loves to laugh
W: Very broad minded
A: Gorgeous
N: Sexy

fun fun to know the meaning of my name! :D

Name meaning here, you can try it for your own name too:
A : Gorgeous
B : Loves people
C : Really easy to fall in love with
D : Is great in bed
E : Deeply in love with his/her gf/bf
F : People wild and crazy adore you
G : Never let people tell you what to do
H : Freakin' beautiful eyes
I : Loves to laugh
J : Makes people laugh
K : Really silly
L : Best smile
M : Makes dating fun
N : Sexy
O : Has one of the best personalities ever
P : Popular with all types of people
Q : A hypocrite
R : Good bf/bf
S : Lives life for fun
T : Great kisser
U : Gets blamed for everything
V : Not judgmental
W : Very broad minded
X : Never let people tell you what to do
Y : Loved by everyone
Z : Lives life for fun

shop updates

have been hibernating for quite some time and been doing lots of prototypes on crafts - trying to find a pretty design which i could duplicate and post on my onebowl.etsy.com shoppe! it aint easy but its finally done! i have a new batch of designs in very pretty fabrics on sale now - grab them before they run out! go check it out!

Greener pastures

boss has left
for greener pastures

to serve food
instead of coffee

leaving us behind
in the cold fort

we're gonna miss him
& the fun we had together

dear boss, if you are reading this entry , remember:
好马不吃回头草 but
好草反回头吃 ah!

life goes on :D

here's a picture of the big planner family - ex & current, mummy & kids