28 April 2011

the twins get crafty

my hk cousin, west brother, came to singapore for a short holiday with his family, including his very cute twin daughters. they've got pretty fair, porcelain and rosy cheeks - wished i had complexion like theirs - darn chio.

they came by for dinner and i kept them entertained the night. they are fun to hang with -yakking away about their school, lame jokes, little boys they like and crafts they wanna do. they were so amazed with my collection of cloths and crafts that they wanted to sew something too. but they were pretty young and 'clumsy' for needles and sewing machine so i had to distract them into doing something else.

we crafted charm necklaces, fabric covered fridge magnets and scrapbooking. i think they enjoied the scrapbooking part the best. good thing i bought that useless polariod camera months back - cuz i could then take instant photos on the spot for them to do scrapbooking.

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