28 April 2011

test run my future home look

i like the shabby chic look, with lots of white. this will likely be how my future home with tyre be like. am doing a 'trial run' at our place which is to be rented out. hopefully, it makes it enticing enough for prospective tenants to want to move in fast :D

The living room. Made these matching pillow cases to 'soften' the look. Love the bay window which overlooks the pool - it would be good for reading a book and lazing the afternoon away .

The kitchen looks so inviting with the lightings and barang barang. Love it! :D

The electric box in the walk in wardrobe's quite an eyesore actually, so i made a cover for it - kinda blends in nicely with the white background.

And other things around the place which i like :D

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