18 June 2008

tyre's toy

he couldnt help grinning and smiling the whole time he was driving last night. our conversation went like that:

y: guess what's it?
t: i dont know
y: dont care, just make a guess
t: a carton box of tennis balls
*yiwan gives incredulous look*
y: u really reallly really think its tennis balls?
t: yes
y: what if you tell lies?
t: then cut off #$&*%# (that part of his words have to be censored)

i am amazed! it doesnt take alot to keep him happy - just cans and cans of tennis balls would do!


Francis said...

are u a snob??? keke...

wong said...

Cool Tyre !!! can we be your friend ???

Kayie said...

I almost had to pay for your present you know, Mr Tyre! haha...