16 August 2010

tyre the cook

last weekend, out of boredom over the long weekend, we decided to cook our own dinner and i suggested luncheon meat alio olio - since Mr V cooked it for us once and we loved it. it seemed relatively simple.

so we dragged ourselves out of bed, went for a quick grocery shopping trip and came back home to start cooking. tyre did most of the chopping, dicing, frying which i supervised! har har. anyway, i think he has been watching too much cooking shows and he tried to toss and turn the ingredients up in the air many many times. at some point in time, suparni wanted to take over and helped cooked but we firmly said no. i think she was slightly offended cuz she then promptly brought the doggies out for a walk leaving us the whole kitchen to ourselves. unknown to her, we were actually happy that she left us alone to 'play' cooking. :D

and here's it.spam luncheon meat alio olio with campbell's cream of mushroom soup.
when its ready, picture taken, we tucked into our food greedily. after taking a few mouthfuls, tyre commented that Mr V's version taste nicer! har har. and we concluded (with confirmation from Lak) that we have added too little oil and no salt, which is a likely explaination of the bland taste.
think we will try pasta in tomato paste next time.

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