16 August 2010

getting specky with bendy specs pouch

getting specky's the trend nowadays it seemed. those nerdy black plastic ones are the perfect ones. its funny i think - i really hate wearing specs and yet there are ppl out there embracing specs as a fashion statement.
anyway, i remember my specky days. i had developed an allergic reaction to contact lens and could only wear specs. those days, my 'fashion pieces' are my specs - have them in loud colors like purple, red ... nothing boring. i even have a 'blind man' style sunglasses which i insist on wearing despite it looking really bad cuz its the only pair of blackies with prescribed lens. after i did my lasik, i dun need to carry specs ard anymore and have since thrown away all my specs cases and specs (only left one for memory sake). i do hope for the longest time in future, i will not wear any more specs. but if i do wear specs, it has to be cuz it makes me pretty but not cuz i need to.

anyway, mummy was always using this very very old grey specs pouch for the longest time like years and years - she use it to house her sunglasses or 'lao hua' specs. she really likes that cuz its light, not bulky and easy to use. she said she cant find a new one anymore cuz specs shops nowadays do not give out such pouches. they give away zippered 'pencil case' like spec cases or those hard cases nowadays. those hard cases are good cuz it protects the specs from getting squashed but pretty impractical to carrry around.

so, this weekend, i crafted a new one for her (slighted padded for protection) :D now she has a new pretty ballerina prints bendy specs pouch! :D
it fits a pair of sunnies perfectly! :D
and here's a picture of the old versu new bendy pouch.

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