23 July 2010

peek into my bag today!

My bag's usually in a mess despite all the pouches/compartments i have. I never seem to be able to keep stuffs in the respective pouches properly. Haw used to look thru my bag and helped me pack my stuffs and it irked her that its so messy. She's a 'compartmentalization freak'.

Anyway, today in office, as i was rummaging thru my bag looking for some stuffs, i realised - hey.. i actually do segregate my stuffs into pouches, just not in the neat & conscious way. So i neaten up my stuffs and took a picture of it. It will probably remain this neat for today only. and i also realised - i am the greatest fan of "handmade by yiwan" goodies cuz all my pouches are handmade! *roll eyes* i have to be cuz i crafted them myself :P here's what is in my bag ...
out of those pouches above, 3 of them are new crafts items for this week! picture below shows 2 different version of pouches i was trying to create - both are of commercially common shape & size. i normally dont craft such items cuz its i feel there's nothing special about these and some of those commercially produced ones are even better. anyway, i have custom order from brother's girlfriend fren and she gave me specific measurements and so i am trying it out. love the kawaii look & cheerful colors but maybe i have to accesorize it for a more complete and unique touch. The first pouch has a rectangle base and its stiff enough to stand on its own. As for the second one, its a flat pouch with rounded edges.
The round metal clasp pouch below is a craft gone wrong! :( the entire feel & look came out way below expectations. its not symmentrical, the shape's not pretty and it looks like a wreck. the only thing pretty about this is the fabrics used but what a waste of good fabric :*(
anyway, weekend's here! happy weekend to whoever's reading this! :D


YH said...

Eh hello all the contents have spilled out of the pouches lor haha
But ya I'm a "compartmentalist"

onebowl said...

ya.. i still remember watching u pack for ur melbourne trip more than a decade ago! u had to pack containers within containers, boxes within boxes, bags within bags .. tsk tsk!

Ciyou said...

Wao~~ there is so much cuteness of your bag~~ I should also try to sew and organised my bag like that~ my bag is usually in a mess too

onebowl said...

hi ciyou. my bag's usually in a mess too. zipper pouches dun usually work for me cuz must take additional effort to zip it out. u can try using clasp or bendy pouches just like i do :D