01 July 2010

Crafty Dad

I think i must have inherited the crafting genes from my dad. Not that he sews too but he crafts too - a different type of craft... a bigger scale using woodwork & fibreglass. And he enjoys 'crafting' for the house. Here's the latest two craft items of his.

A white table for eight at our garden. He has been thinking of doing this for sometime and finally got around to doing it. Every now and then, we would have steamboat outside and we used to combine 3 mahjong tables together in order to fit all 7 of us. With this new table, we dont need ugly mahjong tables anymore :D

(Told them to move aside so that i can take a better picture of the table but they decided to 'strike a pose' for me instead despite dad looking sloppy in singlet)

This is the new coffee table for the living room. It features a sunken box in the middle for him to display his untouched undrunk collection of liquor and tea.

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