01 July 2010

New Cheque Book/Coupon Holders!

I love love love my latest enhanced improved version 2 of the cheque book/coupon holders. They are the perfect accessory for your car/bag/drawers and keeps the loose carpark coupons and cheque books neat and tidy & un-crumpled. It can fit either a POSB or Citibank cheque book. Not sure about other banks' cheque books though.
This enhanced version has 2 added pockets for your extra cards. Example, if you use it for the car, it can fit comfortably 2-3 carpark coupon booklets, 1 cheque book (put it in the car instead of carrying around in your bag cuz you never know when u need to write a cheque) and cashcards, petrol rewards card. Super good & useful!

So, here are the latest five holders which I have crafted using japanese fabrics which i got from my recent taipei trip - been burning the midnight oil for the past few nights for these :D Enjoy the pictures (did not photograph it with carpark coupons cuz i dont have it with me now but it can defintely fit) & if you want, you can get them from the shoppe.
This sweet flower with polka dots holder has a nice texture to it (did a close up) and looks super sweet!

I dont normally craft plain ones but love the way this turn out! Simple & chic :D Hard to go wrong with black & white.
This simple blue checkered one turned out very pretty too... my younger bro helped pick out the blue trimmings. Was initially a bit skeptical with the combination but turned out good! Whew!
Mum chose this print cuz she likes the vintage look & feel.
And this is one of my personal favourites. The prints are very similar to Cath Kidston's. Was contemplating to do a pink trimming in the same shade as the flower but thought the pink may be too over-powering so ended up with blue instead for a more 'blended' look.
So that's all! All 5 pretty holders!!! :DD

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