25 June 2010

Self Fulfilling Prophecy - Taipei

Don't underestimate the power of positive thinking cuz it can become a self fulfilling prophecy.

I digress a bit. I had been toying with the idea of going to Taipei again to top up my stash of fabrics. The last time i've been there was last year with the girls. Anyway, needed fresh fabrics for my crafts which are available for purchase exclusively through Belle Maison Zakka now. The carpark coupon/cheque book holders are especially popular. While i could get fabrics from Singapore, I feel it would be too commonly available and most sold in Singapore are made from thinner cotton fabrics. I like to use cotton linen or canvas fabrics instead cuz it gives a better feel & look and its sturdier. I am happy to say that I have brought back a whole stashful of fabrics to last for the next half year. Do look out for my new crafts in new prints! :D

Back to self fulfilling prophecy...I have been thinking of going there with family/ friends. But those who have been there have enough of Taiwan to last for a year or two. So, left with no choice, I even tot of going by myself. Anyway, so i keep wishing /dreaming /thinking of going to Taipei soon ... and viola - thoughts do come true! The opportunity to go came in the form of a business trip for dad and so , my mum & me conveniently tagged along :D And the additional bonus ? We get to de-tour to HK along the way too! :D Double happiness! :D

Now, my new 'self fulfilling prophecy' target is to visit either Hokkaido or UK!

I wish I wish I wish!


YH said...

Ya sounds like The Secret
I wanna see e fabrics
I like e elephant one very quaint and retro

juskawaime said...

That is nice!! =)
I also wish wish wish....