25 June 2010

touching ad 1

Its about 2 years since i left my previous job and joined my family business to help out. the joys of working for ppl and for the family are very different.

When i was working for ppl, my satisfaction comes when bosses acknowledge my contributions (i thrive on little praises and flattery :). Plus its easier to work as everyone has a specialised area and teamwork really makes a difference (aka delegation of duties :D ).

However, working for the family's very different. I have to do everything myself. There's no one to arrow to nor to delegate to. There's no praises nor flattery when I complete my stuffs. Satisfaction has to come from within - taking my own initiative, setting my own targets, achieving them and self praise (luckily, i am good at that - even data entry is satisfying)! :D And the best part of it, I have freedom and flexibility to plan my time and this allows me to spend more time on my love ones and the things i like to do.

As I age, I realize freedom & flexibility are more important than a great career with high salary (Ha ha. I say that now maybe cuz i have no career :P ). Sure I can get a paid job outside now, but I am not willing to sacrifice personal flexibility for another extra few thousand bucks. There are just some things money cant buy.

Sometimes, parents would tell me about how successful her friends kids are - doctors, lawyers etc. Its not in the negative way but just sharing about their friends lives. So, one day, i chanced upon this advertisement by Yasmin Ahmad (she coincidentally did a very touching advert for Singapore on Family values too before she passed away). Every time i see it, i get goose-pimply. She was able to capture the essence of all very accurately. Needless to say, I have showed it to my parents to 'hint' my tots :D

So, just wanna share this advert. Its is dialect so not all will understand. But in essence, it shows old ladies sitting around boasting about how successful their kids are. So successful that they have no time to spend with their mothers. One of the old ladies goes 'ooo ahhh' and start using her finger to count how much their kids earn. And when asked about her son, she just says that he's good and filial to her. And at that same time, her son cameto pick her up to go travelling. The other old ladies look at her with envy. And it ends there.


YH said...

Wells u stopped work 2 yrs ago which is abt after 5yrs of work
think my time is coming soon too =)
Then maybe can go travelling again

Kayie said...

why u put this type of video? so sad...