25 June 2010

Fun Trip to Ju Ming's Place

When Uncle Pai (Dad's extremely hospitable & friendly Taiwanese friend) suggested to go to a museum in Taiwan, i tot to myself "boringggggg! another museum?The very popular and famous GuGong in Taipei was boring enough and now u want to bring us to a less popular museum?" Anyway, we went along cuz dad's interested plus Uncle Pai seems to like it alot to recommend.

So to JuMing Museum we went. I was in a treat! A positively fun treat and we spent about 3 amazing hours there. Just a short introduction about this. JuMing is a talented craftsman (just like me ! haha) who carves. His most popular famous works are his bigger than life-size Ta Chi Statues. Visit his website for more info. Anyway, all his statues are amazing ... very cute and very poseable and very photograph worthy. He crafted so much that he had no space to store them and so he spent all his live savings to buy a huge piece of land to house all his crafts. Its more like a non-profit museum but he keeps it going for his passion. The last i heard , the museum's still making losses/bleeding monthly.

I would definitely recommend this place as one of the places to visit in Taipei. Only glitch is that its highly inaccessible as its located in the mountains. My parents enjoyed themselves alot and took alot of pictures which were rare. Here are some of the pictures!

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