04 May 2010

mini broke down

just when my dad was singing praises of how hardy the car is, how dependable it is, IT broke down! yes, the tyre was puncture!

i am totally baffled how it could be so. just the very morning, we sent it for car inspection and it passed the test. and the very evening, it broke down! wat a bummer. and that's not the worse - dad wanted to change the punctured tye himself but there's no tools on the car. and so we had to call AA to the rescue.

Real lucky we are members of AA, cuz they provide unlimited roadside help from changing tyres to towing for a flat subscription yearly fee. Only glitch is they take darn long time to respond. we needed to wait 1-1.5 hrs for their help to come along. So no choice, have to wait.. we sat on the payment waiting.... so embarassing :P
after 1hour, help finally came. this unfrenly, unsmiley guy came, efficiently took out his tools and changed the tyre. we prob spoke less than 10 words in the 15 minutes he was there

and the culprit! its a long piece of blunt wood! duh!

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