05 May 2010

handmade bolster pouch & my best buy of the day!

i was at liang court as i wanted to drop by Geraldine of Belle Maison Zakka - she's having a week long fair this week. and cheryl happened to be around the area and so we met up for coffee - and gave her one of my handmade goodies. :D

that's cheryl posing prettily with the pouch
and that's the pouch up close. i use it for holding one of those aromatherapy burners which i got from daiso for $2 and candles and lavendar essence oil. its good as its slightly padded which will 'protect' the burner from breaking. I will usually bring it out for my holidays esp to beaches where i anticipate musky smelling rooms. the burner will come in very handy! well, its also good for as a pencil case or make-up pouch.
after chatting with her, i popped by Geraldine's shop and got myself some goodies. amongst the many stuffs i got, the happiest buy has to be this Cath Kidson bag! i have been thinking of ordering one online for myself but the shipment cost is too high. was happy to see her selling a variety of Cath Kidson's bags.. I would have bought another one in different prints , but i have too many bags at home already :(

look @ the pretty floral prints! it makes me happy just looking at it!! its roomy enuff for my stuffs plus more! and yet, its light enough not to weigh me down. i am resisting to go down to get another one as i type! :P
and this stork scissors has to be my next fave. i have seen this type of scissors around in jap magazines but never know where to get it. well, now i have it ! :D yay!

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