04 May 2010

3d flower pouch

made this during my last shanghai trip. a typical night in shanghai would be one where me and my parents squeeze onto the couch in the living room to watch pirated HK drama serials. it would be like a family activity which starts from about 10 till 1am. and during this time, i would watch tv and craft at the same time. and then mummy would make us supper which is usually either 'jiu3 niang4 wan2 zi3" (which is fermented rice with glutinous rice balls - sounds yucky but its actually yummy) or dumpling soup!
this time, i made this 3D flower pouch - entirely handstitched since we do not have a sewing machine there. its 3D cuz the flower pops up. its a pretty roomy coin pouch and i gave it to my cousin (who happen to visit shanghai from HK) . i also made alot of hexagon shaped patchwork which i intend to sew into padded coin pouches. will take pics of it the next time.
side view of the pouch to show how that the flower pops up.

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