03 May 2010

custom order bendy pouches

did these custom order pouches right before my US trip a couple of weeks ago. could still remember rushing it out the night before the trip all the way till almost 4am in the morning and i had a flight to catch @ 10am! so just for fun in order to remember this , took a pic of the finished products together with the clock to remind me not to do things last minute in future, esp not crafting cuz it takes time and there are no shortcuts :D

i love bendy pouches for its so easy to use. use fingers to snap open and release to close. there's no need to fuss around with any zippers or buttons. will do more after i stock up on the frames. the next favorite type of pouches has to be those metal frame ones where it clicks/twists open. i did some back in october last year but they were snapped up. will do more later this year :D

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