28 April 2010

LV part 3

Day 4: Trial Engagement Shoot
we loved vegas so much that we decided to extend our stay by another day.we were suppose to leave for LA this day but decided to spend the early part of the day doing the trial run for the actual engagement shoot (for both me & tyre AND my bro & audrey) in LA. and the photographer is my younger bro! :D
it was freezing cold out there but we braved the cold and ventured out in our short dresses.
that's 3 of us before we left the room. i bought the props for only S$0.80 each from bugis in singapore and brought it to states for the photoshoot.
First stop - the Little Church of the West. its a quaint wedding chapel which is very visible to all along the strip towards the beginning.
Next- to the famous Las Vegas welcome sign. its usually packed with a long queue of tourists waiting to take pictures with it. But we went really early around 8am and it was empty.. luckily. that's 5 of us ! :D

random shots around the sign.

back at the hotel, my parents were ready and waiting for us. dad wanted to take a group shot of us together. but before that, i 'forced' them to pose for the camera :P
got them to act kawaii first
then made them wear the crowns to be king and queen of the family!

and here's the group shot! :D


YH said...

Wah yur bro quite good photographer eh and u look relaxed chirpy and natural!
My fav pic? Yur parents' kawaii pose! Haha definte must to print and frame !

onebowl said...

good idea! will do it :D

KK said...

wahh very nice!!
Congratulation in ur sweet home too! =D


onebowl said...

hi kk. thank you thank you :D