28 April 2010

LV part 2

Day 3: Miscellaneous - Chinese Food, Sightseeing
it was supposedly our last full day in LV so we wanted to just take it easy. cant recall exactly what we did except that we found the so-called chinatown in vegas! there was chinese restuarants, supermarkets. it got us excited cuz we were craving for chinese food. didnt take any pictures for that day cuz the copter ride tired me out or killed my interest for taking any pictures for the trip :P
bro took pictures of the hotels along the strip and New York New York has to be my most favourite one! its like mini new york!
we then went to the older part of las vegas at night. its full of lights and color. and at 9pm sharp, they turned off all the lights and started playing music and video that's projected at the top. pretty lame i think but many were entralled with it and some even danced to the music..
that's big bro and audrey posing for the camera
and that me and tyre :D

we ended up in the gambling halls for Monte Carlo and played the rest of the night away. its pretty fun gambling in LV - the players are friendly and chatty, not black-faced like those typically found in Asia. Even the dealers are friendly and smilely too.

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