19 March 2012

Kitty clasp pouch

Another new design for the clasp pouch. Been trying out new designs lately...This uses the same frame which i use for iphone pouch.============================================================
Seperately, was facetiming mummy last night and asked to see my darlings..i miss them!!! lots !!! Wished they are here with me in hong kong but cant la... it was be too traumatizing for them to travel by plane and too time consuming with those quarantine whatsoever. Plus haw told me that their dopey seemed changed after they brought him back from melbourne... apparently the plane ride may have been very traumatic for him.. poor dopey :( so will not subject my dogies to such experience.

Here they are .. caught on video.. funny thing is that they cant respond to me when i call out to them over the phone.. :( nor look at me on the ipad :(