19 March 2012

Day trip to Stanley

Weather was great on Sunday in HK. It was bright sunny and warm (yet with a tinge of coolness).. just like summer time - quite rare for the past few many weeks. Cousin thought of going Stanley for lunch and off we go!
"Stanley Market is one of the must go touristy places in hik. There are many little shops selling silk garments, art, chinese costume jewellery and souveneirs. Other than shopping, there are also many nice cafes/restaurants facing the sea and always packed with people especialy over weekends!" Here's one of the very typical touristy shop seling t-shirts.We arrived around noon time and it was "peak' period so the road (one single lane each traffic way) were pretty jammed and parking was tough to find. Took us about 20 minutes to get a parking lot. Its very easily accessible by bus, else cab is good too.
Despite it being very touristy and crowded on Sunday, i kinda like the hustle and bustle. Many doggies were out for walks too. I wished my doggies were here with me too. I missed them!!We had lunch at Saigon @ Stanley. Its our second time there.. This place serves hearty vietnam/thai food - good sized portion for the pricing. And it was packed with people sitting outdoors instead of inside the air con part. Lucky Cousin made reservations in advance , else we would have to wait quite a while. A tip i learnt from them... better plan in advance for meals and make meal reservations instead of queueing.. :D

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