14 March 2012

HKD50million home?

Was taking the lift down from my place today and took this same lift with two other asian person - one older man, one younger girl.. both who knew each other and were conversing in english about buying a property in hong kong. i gather that the older man shd be the dad or someone of that seniority /rank la and that they are not mainland chinese. i tried as much as i can to eavesdrop .. trying to catch that distinctive singaporean slang but i cant seem to .. anyway.. here's the conversation...

OM: " you better look for the perfect property first before spending 50million on it"
YG: ... silence.. *keeps preening at the mirror in the lift*
OM: "you and xx look for the perfect one before deciding. take time. no hurry to find one"
YG:... silence still..
The lift came to the first floor and they walked out.

two things that came to my mind that i wanted to say out...

1) Hey man, my frens said that there's no such thing as perfect place la.

2) Hey man, if you have 50million cash to splurge, why stay here???! Sure its quite accessible to town, nice sea facing units but but but... if you have that much money, go stay like hyatt serviced apartment or something instead la. HKD 50million, i assume, would be equivalent to a cool S$8.3million!!! i could can my dream bungalow at that price with loads to spare for holidays! But then it set me wondering what can HKD50million get in HK? So i googled.. and did a bit of research at squarefoot.com.hk. Here's what i found.

Apparently there were more HKD50million properties listed for sale on Hong Kong Island instead of Kowloon or New Territories and typically those are all over 2000sqft - an amazing amount of space for hong kong apartments. I just copied a few for comparison.

Some businesses will never make that much money in a lifetime... its horrendous amount of money to spend on properties! i wonder if that man was just 'talking big' or really meant it. Anyway, if it was true, good luck at finding your Perfect Place! It shouldnt be difficult with that much budget!! :D

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