12 March 2012

Handphone cozy custom order

Cousin called over the weekend... her friend, D, just got a gadget recently and needed a cover to protect it. But D couldnt seem to find any commercially avaliable cover. Hence ... Cousin tot of me :D Her gadget, the Sony Xperia S, is a cool slim looking smartphone that's lauched only this year.
So, over facetime, Cousins and I searched for an acceptable fabric for D. D had few requirements in terms of fabric which were suppose to be easy to satisfy as she knows what she does not like - no floral, no pinky, no girly, no cartoon, no letterings, no landmarks. Sounds like any easy one right? But no... cuz i only have limited fabric stash made up of all she does not like! Hahaha.

Anyway, D finally settled on a blue gridlines linen checkered fabric paired with black & white chekered fabric. She also settled on a cute hedgehog applique.

Once that's done, i had to get working on the measurements to create a template.
Then sew up a mock up casing. I usually skip this step and go straight to doing up the actual product but cuz i only had a small piece of black and white checkered fabric left which means no room for any mistake. So , in order to be on the safe side, i did up a mock up casing. And since i did not have the actual product itself, i had to create a mock up phone. The mock up phone looks like a joke but its necessary for getting the whole thing right. Slip the mock up phone into the mock up casing and it fits perfectly! :D On the first try.. lucky me. Trying to complete the whole look and feel. Looks good and now i amready to start on actual product.And so, from mock up to actual final product! Happy the way it turned out!! Its not too kiddy and fits the mock up phone nicely. YAY!!! Hope that it fits the actual product nicely too and that D likes it!!