02 June 2011

Switzerland Part 4 - Bern

Bern IS my favourite place to visit in Switzerland! I LOVE Bern!

Bern is the capital of Swiss Confederation and its considered one of the best preserved medieval cities and listed by UNESCO as one of the world's cultural treasures. I LOVE!

Its such a pretty place for walking and strolling along , exploring the alleys and quaint shops, taking a drink from the countless fountains to quench your thirst, great scenery of lakes , moutains and even bears!

I can go on and on about Bern but then i will never finish this post - so i shall let the picture do the talking! Enjoy!

Ooo.. i forgot a bit of interesting history about Bern -You will see bear everywhere - in statue, in flag and even alive in the Bear Pit. Legend has it that when Duke Berchtold V decided to build the city, he swore to name it after the first animal he brought back from th ehunt and the animal turned out to be a bear! Ooo... Dukes, medieval times, castles .. i LOVE!!

Next stop which i equally love - Milan!

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