02 June 2011

Switzerland Part 3 - The Glacier Express

After staying a night in Zermatt, we left in the morning via The Glacier Express. I think this is considered one of the highlights of the trip - you will see pictures of it featured in tour guide and such.

Here's how the train looks like. Full glass top and botom. Its good cuz it gives a good view but its darn sunny - me and mummy we trying desperately to avoid the sun in vain.

Its abt a 7.5hrs trip if you stay the entire ride and its free with the switz pass but have to pay a fee to reserve the seats. There's also option to pay to have a 3 course meal on the train - which we paid for in advance too (if you didnt, you could still order food from the ala carte menu which is slightly more expensive but the food's better). Here's picture of our food - salad, main course & chocolate cake. Lucky i brought my own hard boil egg - most yumy.

We departed Zermatt for the last station @ St. Moritz. On hindsight, we shd have done the other way round. Anyway, the first hour of the trip was very novel and fun and exciting for us. I was busying snapping pictures, drinking my coffee, enjoying the scenery, and crafting away. After that, the ride was just pure torture for me - the ride was windy and long. There was simply nothing to do other than greenery greenery and more greenery.

Other highlights of the ride includes going up the moutains ( i think up to 2000m) and all we see is dark , stark snow covered land. Its pretty!

The finale was this bridge with three arches (nearer to St. Moritz side) - everyone was filled with anticipation just to get a good shot of the bridge. See everyone busy snapping away -but the train moved pretty fast and from the collective groans of the passengers, i think most/all did not get good shots. Anyway, its such a let down for me. I came with high expectations, endured and then all i got was a good 10secs view and anticiaption? Lousy i say.

Was so glad that the ride's over! Seperately, i took some pictures of cuppa tea pouches which i crafted during the trip - so pweeety! I love ! Maybe i should explore doing matching teapots for it.

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