07 February 2011

Its a Dogs World !

Lak's cozy place has officially turned into a dog house! It smells of dog pee & food now :D

Mr P's out on a family holiday and has left FiFi in her care for the week. Poor FiFi. She must have thought that her family has abandoned her and she was terribly insecure and jittery at Lak's place.
I brought Yuki & Snowy over for a visit yesterday, thinking that FiFi may brighten up after 'playing' with other doggies. Turned out i was wrong. They ignored one another. In fact, i think FiFi was more terrified of Yuki & Snowy. There's motherly Lak protecting & comforting FiFi.
And the very naughty and 'act innocent' snowy enjoied herself so much that she treated Lak's place like her home and peed everywhere to mark her territory. There's Tyre washing off the pee and a very sheepish looking Snowy in the background.
Snowy's keeping me company while i blogged away. Snapped a picture of her next to me :D That was half hour ago. Just minutes ago, Suparni came in and carried her to the bed - she said snowy's feeling warm on the table and told me to put her there. Makes me feel bad :(

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