06 July 2010

sold sold sold - best seller holders

The cheque book/car coupon holder has to be the best seller amongst all those that i craft so far. See! Look at all the 'Sold sold sold'! I did a collage of those sold on the e-store just for fun. There are more sold during Ms G's fair which are not photographed. I guess i try to take more pretty pictures & update my blog more frequently.

This holder was first thought of because i had to carry around cheque books everyday! Here's what i carry around everyday - company cheque books, personal ones cuz I never know when i need to use it. :P I even carry an extra one just in case.

I needed something to keep all these in place nicely. I started off using zipper pouches, files to keep these but its not 'custom fit'. Finally, i made myself my very own customized cheque book holder. See! it all fits nicely into one holder.
I think i am going to craft the last batch of holders then i am moving on to metal frame make up pouches!! :D

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