20 July 2010

Pretty Patchwork Ironing Board Cover

Had been busy crafting the large metal clasp purses the whole of last week and finally finished all 10 of them on Sunday. Now that those have been completed, that leaves me free this week to do some housekeeping crafting.

Been thinking of doing a patchwork ironing board for quite some time but never got around to doing it. So here goes - first i need to sort thru the fabric scraps to take out the colors & suitable sizes. Have been saving up/accumulating these fabric scraps for my patchworking mood to catch on.

After choosingthe fabrics, I drew out squares measuring 8cm by 8cm and cutting them out. Luckily younger bro was around to help do the cutting, and that helped saved alot of time :D

Then laying them out randomly.

And when the arrangement's ok, I started sewing them together. The old boring ironing board cover's in the background and the new wip cover is in foreground. I had added fusible interfacing too in order to make the patchwork fabric more sturdy.

In order to make the cover fit the ironing board, i could either use an elastic band or string to tie up the ends. In my case, I used string cuz i have no elastic band. So, first, i had to sew bias tape round the raw edges to neaten it, then draw a string thru.

And here's the back view with neaten edges, fitted snugly.
And here's the final product! My very own pretty & colorful patchwork ironing board cover, just the way i like it :D OOO.. and not forgetting the very pretty pink vintage-like iron! :D


Ciyou said...

the patch work is colorfull and lovely`

juskawaime said...

The ironing board is also cute.. mini one!! =)