20 July 2010

Birdcage Transformed!

When i saw this @ Ms G's shoppe, i wanted to get it but dint know what to do with it. Didnt want just another ornament in my room cuz its already cluttered with them. But its really pretty aint it ? :D
Then, one day, i suddenly got a bright idea! i could modify it into a bedside lamp! :D But i had no electrical know-how to do such things. So its crafty dad to the rescue again. I told him about my idea and he said "yes! so easy to do!". And with that, i went ahead to buy the birdcage and he went ahead to buy the 'tools' - light bulb, wire, switch and plug! And here's it, the modified birdcage bedside lamp!
I still need to modify it a bit - need to add a piece of waxed tracing paper type on the inside to shield from the direct glare of the light bulb. And it wil be perfect! :D


YH said...

very nice!!!
ok i supply u the tracing paper if u don't have/can't find

onebowl said...

yes pls yes pls! gimme some. thanks!