02 July 2010

More metal frame purses!

Here goes.. all six of the new metal frame purses... unlike many of those metal frame purses which you may get outside where the fabrics are glued into the frames. The fabrics of my version are actually hand-stitched into the frame. This means they are more sturdy and less likely to be 'detached' from the frame.

This kawaii print's actually 'Little Red Riding Hood'. My own cheque book holder's in this print too , except in pink.
Somehow the base color did not turn out very nicely. This is actually in navy blue with brightly colored trees!
Simple pink checkered cotton linen purse good for those who dont like prints.

Oooo.. i love this print in pretty blue and flowers. Very cath kidston like except that its not :D

This has a feminine feel with printed lace trimmings. Added a vintage-like charm by the side for a different look.

Lastly, the hedgehog print which tyre likes the best cuz of the texture of the fabric. Did a close up just to show the grain of the fabric.
That's all. Weekend's here and i hope to craft more! :D

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