25 July 2010

handmade pretty tote bag

After failed attempts at pouches earlier this week, i decided to stop crafting pouches for the moment. Wanna try something different - a bag, a coaster etc. So here's my freshly crafted tote bag. Haven crafted this kinda bag in a long while. The last time i did something similar was in August 2008 . Its in similar shape except this time, its smaller. Its really sweet looking!

It measures about 22cm by 20cm (LxB) and that's about a stretched out palm size. It aint too big but it is very roomy. I think this makes a good lunch bag for office ladies (OL) to bring out. I've put in some commonly used items for illustration. It comfortably fits my small metal clasp purse, tissue paper, handphone, umbrella and my kawaii small camera. :D

And the interior is pretty enough to use inside out too as there are no raw edges. Have also sewn a small pocket with lace.

So sweet looking i can melt.. hahahah. I think i will do a few more with different fabrics.

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