23 February 2010

shabby what?!?!?

Person A: what style will your future home be?
Me: shabby chic
Person A: what? shabby shit?
Me: shabby CHic
Person A: HUH? shabby Cheap? why you want it cheap??!?!
Me: shabby CHIC.. c.h.i.c.
Person A: what's shabby chic??!?

err...is there something wrong with my pronunciation?!? :P anyway, i told my friends i will post a picture of how shabby chic looks like (picture are taken from issue "realliving jan/feb2010"). See below

"distress wooden furniture with white, chalky paint, use soft pastel floral fabrics, ruffles, pleats in furnishings and oversized damask cushions and hang vintage glass chandeliers"

1 comment:

Jellbell from Hell said...

Wahahhaha so coincidental. I just blogged about your shabby shit a few days ago! :)